Affirming Women and Girls Through a New Tradition: The Annual Princess Party

Posted October 14, 2016 from United States
Princess Party 2016
Princess Party 2016
Princess Party 2016 (1/3)

To Word Pulse,

I am very passionate about the equality of women. Women and girls need to feel honored, valued, and respected if they are to flourish, thrive, and develop the earth. I believe in a healthy worldview whereall ofcreation and the creatorisrespected, and where the wellbeing of others and the environment is paramount. This worldview is rooted in the foundation of the Judeo-Christian Faith of which I am a member of.

New traditions need to be implemented to reinforce and affirmthe lives of women and girls, not only in America, but around the world. As an Elder in the Free Methodist Church, I began an annualevent informally called a "Princess Party." I had the event after Mother's day in the spring of this year. The goal was to help women and girls understand their identity and task in the world, as well as, to promote a holistic lifestyle of healthy relationships in every arena of life. All the women and girls who were invited were informed to come dressed in "royal apparel" so they could walk the red carpet in style.The evening was beautiful. There wasfun conversation, healthy food, and an inspirational message.The evening closed witha royal dance.The best part ofthe eventwas the photo boothwhere the guestswere the honored subjects of attention. Many took photos holding chalk-board signs that read, "I am royalty."

I have partnered with another female ministry leader and made plans tocontinue theannual springPrincess Party in the city of Rochester. I amcurrently deeplyinvolved in my studies in the Masters of Divinity program at Northeastern Seminary and hope that my studies will add depth and dimension to this new tradition that seeks to honorwomen of all ages and promote aholistic lifestyle that will nourish and empowerwomen to be everything that they were created to be in God's image.

Thank you forproviding this platform to share our stories so we can encourage innovative ideas and begin new traditions in our own communities to affirm our women and girls!


Rev. Karen Jenkins

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