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About Me

I am a founder of a non profit organisation that advocates of the rights of women and children who are victims of incest and child sexual abuse. As a survivor of sexual violence, I was an angry, bitter,troubled and self destructive teenager and by the age of sixteen, i was already engaging in self-destructive behaviors. As i got older i decided to seek help,the first step i took was talk to someone. I got a lot of support from friends and i became more confident till I finally came out publicly early this year. And since i have continued to speak out and advocate for the rights of women and children on social media and other public forums. I strongly believe we can bring this senseless and evil act to an end if we stand together and say no to violence against women and children. Together we can!!

My Vision

I envision safe and abuse free communities for all children; communities which stand up for the rights of children.


Liberated Hearts Foundation is a new organisation and needs educational materials on incest sexual abuse and financial support


I have worked for non profit organisations for 14 years, i have experience in this area. I am a public/motivational speaker.


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