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About Me

Capacity Builder. Feminist Business Facilitator & Skill Builder. Ecosystem Convener. Feminist Economy Advocate

PK Mutch is capacity builder and award-winning former food processing entrepreneur and innovator who is deeply committed to creating a more inclusive, just, human-centered and generative economy through the power of feminist business practice, pedagogy, theory, innovation and entrepreneurship. Mutch current serves as the Executive Director of Food Starter, a 20 000 sq ft food processing start up incubator and accelerator hub based in Toronto which serves 300+ clients. Mutch is also the founder of Eve-volution Inc (2014), a B Corp certified, collective which advocates for increased support for women-led and community-based incubator and accelerator programs as an important part of Canada’s innovation strategy. Mutch is the publisher of LiisBeth magazine which serves as the voice for the growing, 14 000+ all gender, entrepreneurial feminist com

My Vision

An environmentally, gender, economically, politically and socially just world.


Looking to connect with other feminist media creators and publishers


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