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I'm thrilled to discover World Pulse since my calling combines media and women's empowerment. I'm a photographer, writer and (beginner) web designer. I have a Master's degree in International Development and Professional French. I spent a good bit of time in West Africa working for a large development NGO and researching traditional practices in Subsaharan African cultures.

About a year ago I had a very powerful dream - in my dream, women from all different cultures and ages presented themselves to me. Wearing beautiful garments and a wide grin, one by one they said "I am not cut". The dream was so incredibly vivid that I can still see their faces. I knew I had been given the task to bring their message to life. And now, the project is in full swing. Together with a couple of very loving and passionate women, we have put out a call to women from all cultures to send us a video testimony that we can share with our sisters in countries where cutting is a normal practice. Would you like to be involved? We would love your support! Please visit our website at to learn more!

I'm also currently working as a consultant for an NGO that fights poverty and injustice in the developing world. More specifically, I'm a consultant for the UW student group called EDGE (Empowerment through Development and Gender Equity). They are getting geared up to do some projects on the Ugandan island of Lingira this summer. The women on the island are particularly vulnerable because of a lack of resources, terribly polluted waters and unstable partnerships. Most of the men who visit the island are transient fishermen - they come and go, leaving mothers to tend to their children alone. One of the plans is to help them get the materials for a communal garden plot that will allow them to grow their own food, improve their nutrition, and hopefully, bring in a small income from selling at market. However, the student group is rockin' and tackling several other initiatives including bringing in solar ovens, providing health materials, building litrines, researching water filters and organizing women's discussions groups. Very exciting! If we get enough funds, I'll have the pleasure of joining them and documenting their efforts through video and photography. If you are reading this, do me a favor and send out a quick prayer to the universe for me.

Besides the two above projects - I'm deeply involved in my local community of Madison, Wisconsin. My husband is the owner and chef of a wonderful restaurant called L'Etoile which uses 95% local, organic ingredients. Our business supports over 200 local farming families. We are also involved in changing how kids eat by showing them they have options. Here in the US, kids eat a lot of junk food which contributes to rising obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. So, we spend our days off at a local middle school bringing in lots of fresh and natural ingredients and teaching kids how to cook things like vegetable stir-fry, potato gnocchi, and spinach crepes. They love it! We've also put a garden in the school grounds so they can participate in the miracle of watching a seed grow into a plant and then bear fruits and vegetables - that they will then cook and eat!

There's more to tell but I don't want to turn this into a novel! I encourage you to contact me if you have passions and goals that might intersect with mine. Exchange is such a beautiful thing.

Love and Peace,


Gender Equity, Media, Food, Music, and Fashion Finding a way to do the things I love while generating enough income to pay the bills! Women's reproductive rights, FGM/C, Agriculture and Media

My Vision

A world where women do not suffer in vain.



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