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Posted February 7, 2021 from Cameroon


 This is my birthday gift from me to you.

On this personal blog, I'm going to tell you about my life. It will be emotional, comic and pathetic. But it is to encourage someone out there not to give up on life and to let you all know that "there is hope for a tree that has been cut down." Here we go...


My name is LILIAN DIBO EYONG. The last child from a polygamous family of 11 children. From my mom, I'm the last out of 7 children.

When my mom got pregnant for the last child(which was me), life became something else for her. The love and attention from my dad and his family was completely absent. She had to struggle till when she gave birth to me.

The day she was to leave the hospital, she received a sad news, Intruder: "know that if you get to the house, you will be the one to fend for yourself..."

There was an intruder in the house. That intruder instigated this statement.

It was just 5 days after delivery. But what have I done? My mom pondered.

My mom: its ok. If I have to eat faeces because I'm a nursing mother, then its ok.

She went home and the story changed. Her ....became the housewife while my mom became a maid in her matrimonial home. My mom was a shadow of herself. She was a living ghost. She became trice older but she never stopped breastfeeding me.

Fast forward to when i was 2years old. I was a very dark chocolate bulky baby girl. Running all over the place and i was a little bit troublesome too. I was always fighting with my elder sister.

I can vividly remember, there was a day my mom bought a nice little white gown and a pair of sandals for me and the whole of that day i was extremely excited. My mom had loved me from the very beginning and it was so obvious.

My mom had a garden beside the house. My elder brother will always tell me to pluck garden eggs for him and as a child i will gladly do it as many times as he tells me to. Sometimes my mom will shout at me and I will run as fast as my little legs could take me and they will all laugh.

I will also laugh and clap my hands. In my little thoughts, i couldn run faster than my mom . There was never a vdull moment with me

The memory is so fresh in my mind like yesterday.(smiling while writing this part).

★Then one day, my temperature was so high. My mom took me to the hospital and I got injected. Then the unthinkable happened...

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Tamarack Verrall
Feb 07
Feb 07

Dear Lilian,
My heart is open that you have decided to share your story with us all. I love reading about you as a child. I am sending you so much love.
Feb 07
Feb 07

Dear Lilian,
You have me in unfair suspense. So naughty of you, like that cute girl plucking garden eggs! LoL! You are so fortunate to have a wonderful mother to love you so much. You were her driving force. Please continue the story soon. I will stay tuned...

Nini Mappo
Feb 09
Feb 09

Dear Lillian,
First, I salute your mum. It is a lot to look after you in a hostile environement where she is treated like salve, adjust to having her home taken from her, and nurse a baby without much nutrition to the mother but her love for you strengthened her. Your childhood memories are beautiful, and you tell them so expertly!! I look forward to the next episode.

Hello, Lilian,

No wonder you are a woman of strength and resilience, you got it from your courageous mother. Looking forward to the next part.