Stem Girls Picture Perfect

About Your Initiative

Mentorship is essential for anyone venturing into fields as newcomers. I am creating the STEM Girls Picture Perfect project to make accessing mentors easier through the presentation of STEM women profiles, accessible to girls urging them to pursue careers in the Sciences using simple activities.

The project is unique because of its activity-based learning approach and offers girls the opportunity to envision their dream careers in Sciences and tech through our Science Vision Board activity. The resource material will be sold at a small fee online and 1% of each sale will go towards an impact project for young girls in different selected communities.

The Stem Girls Picture Perfect project will have a global reach as it will be made available as an e-book and hard copy book on websites.The book is targeted at young girls between the ages of 10-17.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

young girls below the age of 17

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