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About Me

I have worked since 1993 with women who have, or are enduring, non-State torture (NST) in Canada and other industrialized countries, such as the US, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Section 269.1 of the Canadian Criminal Code holds State torturers accountable for the crime of State torture. Yet Canada discriminates against women and girls who have endured non-State torture, as children or captive adults, by using an existing provisions arguement to charge the non-State torturers with such crimes as aggravated assault. I, along with my colleague Jeanne Sarson, are lobbying to have non-State torture included in the Canadian Criminal Code. And to have NST informed care offered in healing centers where women and girls are provided supportive care from violence. NST happens in families, human trafficking, in abduction cases, pornography and prostitution. I am a human rights activist working to have NST named, visibilized and criminalized.

My Vision

Justice and Freedom for women and girls who have endured non-State torture.


Learn and speak about the reality of non-State torture (NST). Add NST to the continuum of violence. Share website:


I have a particular expertise in non-State torture (NST) and can provide an educational or consultative role in this form of violence.


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