Women Aint Stopping! We go do Business Like Never Before!

Lindah Nabakooza
Posted March 2, 2018 from Uganda

So I wake up at 6 am on a Friday to go to an animal feeds store to book feeds for the birds that are owned by one of my Organisations's beneficiaries. I usually do this every two days because I directly supervise all my beneficiaries' farming initiatives. While am at the store waiting for the feeds to be measured, mixed and packed in the sacks, I notice on the other side a woman, probably in her mid 20's carrying a baby of about 6 months on her back. In front of her is a huge frying pan on top of a big burning charcoal stove. Shes frying cassava and pan cakes, targeting pupils from a neighboring primary school. It is a very cold morning but who cares, she's already up with her baby on the back looking for money to support her self and family. I pitied the baby who was exposed to the cold weather, and worst of all, the possibility of flipping into the hot frying pan full of burning cooking oil and cassava. But this is Africa my friend! a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do! On further research, I found out that this woman makes an average of Ugx 35,000 ( about USD 10) everyday, and this is profit! Instead of feeling sorry for them (her and the baby), I begun to reason with my self; " I could actually get a couple of young ladies, teach them the nitty-gritty of such a business and later place them in different school communities so as to start the same business and be able to sustain their lives and families. This business requires capital of not more than USD 100 to start with. With this in place, we shall be on the road to eradicate poverty from our communities.


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Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018

Hi my dear sister

It's Very sad that women are the heads of most families in Uganda.  The men have taken a Back seat which gives the women no choice but to take on the responsibilities. 

Thank you for sharing and am sure we can  always meet and discuss opportunities for those women. 

Stay blessed my dear sister and all the best on your endeavours. 

Mar 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018

Way to go my sister. This will definitely give more women the opportunity to feed their families and earn some dignity in their labor.

Believe me, after a year or two, they will be able to save some money in bank.

May you remain blessed.

Mar 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018

Excited you could see this as a business model other women could emulate.  Thank you for sharing this story!