Run for Congo Women - continued fundraising efforts by The Global Kitchen

Lisa Anderson
Posted July 6, 2010 from United States

The Global Kitchen, a new local non-profit, will continue fundraising efforts through July 10 after participating in Portland's Run for Congo Women. Seeking to partner with other international women's organizations, The Global Kitchen team will pool pledges to sponsor women in the Congo for a year-long program through Women for Women International.

The run was founded by Portland native Lisa Shannon in 2006 to support Congolese women who are survivors of the ongoing civil war and has since expanded into a global movement. This year's event took place June 26 in Northwest Portland with a 3-mile walk, and 3 or 9-mile run. Participants have cumulatively raised more than $20,000 thus far.

The Global Kitchen's goal is to sponsor at least four women for one year, which will require $1,400 in pledges. Its supporters aim to sponsor as many deserving women as possible and encourage others to make a donation or join continued fundraising efforts.

According to Women for Women International, "Brutal gang rape and torture are a daily reality for women in the Congo. The mission of Women for Women International is to help women survivors of war move from victim to survivor to active citizen. Through its programs, Women for Women International provides women survivors of war with direct financial assistance, job skills training, rights awareness education, trauma counseling and the opportunity to bond with other women who have endured similar violence and hardship."

The mission of The Global Kitchen, which was founded by Portlander Wendy Swanson, is to create a unique community of people worldwide who empower marginalized women around the world. It provides economic opportunities for women suffering from poverty worldwide by building a global community that raises awareness and promotes cultural education through an interactive website featuring instructional cooking videos of the authentic recipes of indigenous women. The Global Kitchen will provide women with a way to earn income on an ongoing basis, enabling them to support their families.

Attached is a photo of the Global Kitchen team wearing aprons at the Portland run.

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Wendy Swanson, [email protected]

Lisa Anderson, [email protected], (541) 974-2076 

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Carri Pence
Jul 06, 2010
Jul 06, 2010

This is wonderful and as a recent residence on Portland, I am so excited to be in a community that values the world. Though this entry would be better placed and utilized in the Resource Exchange section of PulseWire. Thanks so much for the updates and I am so glad that Global Kitchen is working so hard and seeing such great responses.

Lisa Anderson
Jul 06, 2010
Jul 06, 2010

Thanks, Carri! I took your advice and placed this in the Resource Exchange section of PulseWire. Great tip.

Jul 07, 2015
Jul 07, 2015

so wonderful