The Nightmares of Widows!

Posted June 23, 2019

I was between the ages of ten (10) to thirteen (13). However, at this age I could read and see who was telling me the truth or who was doing the right thing. I knew wrong from right.  It was a big compound house we had, where all my grandmothers shared a semi a touch huts.

Her hut was in the middle of the two grandmothers. I also remember that the other two grandmothers where closer friends to each other than her. She was the first grandmother my grandfather married, making her the elderly wife and hence the first love of his husband(true love).  She was followed by my owned grandmother and then the last grandmother.

I observed that she never like dirt. She is always the first to sweep or  tightened her compound or surroundings. Growing up as a kid, I was very found of her all the time. Honestly I don't know why but now I think its because she was an honest hearted person. When she goes to the market and returning she always makes sure to buy us some sweets or "edibles" for us regardless if we belong to her or not. I don't think it was the sweet that makes her dear to me. There was something extra. Several times when I take her gifts my grandmother or the last grandmother will call me secretly, take the Sweet's destroyed it or throw it away. Aaaah why? I will exclaimed. I don't get it. All their answers are she is a witch? At that time I never understood the concept of witchcraft but I had a feeling something was " fishy".

When she cooks and fetched for us, that food or soup will never be tasted by us. She cooks luxurious, with all the meat and fishes in the soup, how could such soup be thrown away? I reason. I never got an answer to these my questions until today. I write with conviction that it was all about hatred, its insecurity that makes another woman called her own woman a witch. She was out spoken, she never tolerate nonsense, she speaks off her mind regardless of who is involved. She dares all the time to speak the truth in front of any man, let alone women. She fears none! She was a proud mother of over seven children. The point is if she was a witch as claimed why did she not harm or kill her children. She loved and cared for her kids and any other kids equally, no discrimination. Why should a woman strength be  seen as witchcraft? Why should a woman confidence be a threat to her own society?

Today, I beat my chest in boldness and with pride that I do not believe in witchcraft. There is no witchcraft and they are no witches. This name tag is perceived by society and it own insecurities. As a Christian I also know the Bible very well indicated that He(God) created us in his own image. If we are created in God's image does that also means that God is a Witch?  I do not disagree with the fact that at sometime wickedness is paradox as witchcraft. So if wickedness is witchcraft which one of us in this platform can be exempted? Have you not in a time acted wickedly towards your neighbour before? See, we all are imperfect beings and as much as hard, we can try to be good and do good but at some point we have all acted wickedly stabbing one another with pain. Is that witchcraft for you? No! That is imperfections! 

 If your answer is yes, then we all are witches. Yes you acted wickedly so you are also a witch? Why should few be segregated into camps? Without protection and care for them? That again is witchcraft.

Again, I wonder why only widows and the elderly or old age women are referred to as "witches"? Is this a strategy to weaken  self esteem? To make them vulnerable in the society. You think about that! The Bible even gave prestige to widows and fatherless sons. It says, anybody that harms any of these two groups, He(God) will avenge in their behalf. What a tender love God has for widows.

A week ago, I posted here about my petition to close down an alleged "witches" camp in the northern part of Ghana. This is an extension to the post. These women are innocent as dove's and do not deserved this treatment that they are currently going through. Believe me or not its a fact. You can reason as to where they will go after their released? Or about their family  willingness to take them back? And the brouhaha, but my answer will still remained the same. Freedom for all! Even God gave us the freedom of free will. To chose to obey him or not. Why should we denied others this freedom? If later the petition goes through and other widows still wants to remains in the camp, fine that is their free will and at their own risk isn't it? However, currently please rally strongly behind my back so together we will effect this over forty years (40yrs) change. At least if not for anything but for this years widows day 23-06-19. 

Thanks for reading and following through with me. If you are for the petition please sign and share.




This story was submitted in response to International Widows' Day.

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Jill Langhus
Jun 24
Jun 24

Hi Lisbeth,

Thanks for sharing your loving, and open-minded post about your non-biological grandmother. She sounds like a truly lovely, and loving being that was ostracized by her peers, unfortunately. I actually do believe in witches but not the way they are portrayed in most of the media or from harmful perceptions that are passed down either. That's a whole other topic, though. I wish you continued luck with your petition. Those women do deserve freedom:-)

Jun 24
Jun 24

Honestly, this concept of witchcraft its kind off related to wickedness. But believe me or not which of us could say for certain that she/he has never acted wickedly? We all have do to our imperfect nature from creation. The apostle Paul frankly stated that " whenever he wanted to do good, the bad is always in front of him". We all struggle every day should that make one a witch? If so then we are all witches and wizards. But why should few be ostracized?

Maybe I am yet to understood this concept. Again if you noticed all these witches are females for that matter widows mostly and older women. Aren't these group of people the most vulnerable and deserved our support and comfort? The bible acknowledged tender care for the widows and fatherless child. Why are we doing the opposite. Its sad. I can continue the facts until sunset but let me stop here. Thanks for reading and pls let's continue to share more with friend and loved one to see we get as much petition as we can.

Jill Langhus
Jun 24
Jun 24

Yes, it is. Well, yes. I believe you.

We shouldn't be. I agree:-)

Hello, Lisbeth,

I have been wondering why widows were treated so badly. I guess you have point that it is one woman’s insecurity that made her want to destroy another woman. I’ve seen those situations when a woman would do everything to destroy another woman.

Thanks for sharing this follow-up post. You’re grandfather must be handsome to have three wives.

Hope all is well with you!


GOD BLESS AFRICAN. one night, i coming from night club, at2.30 i see in my eye couple of wizzards in street. im a twain, natural we believe in most high who care for us. when they see me they flee straigh to forest. in akan culture many many adoration and beliefs ????