We were born to be leaders

Posted January 24, 2020 from Kenya

I strongly find hope ,when I see little girls from my community suffer i.e dropping out of school. God made us to be leaders and I truly get hurt when a fellow lady can't help the other . I would be so glad to see my fellows prosper and become something in life ..that's why am so determined in motivating then on a daily basis ,,,that YES IT IS POSSIBLE...and YES WE CAN .

This story was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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Jan 24
Jan 24

Hi dear lizie,
A warm welcome to world pulse and congratulations on your first post. I like your hopes, what makes you happy is seeing your Co woman prosper. How amazing :-). This is exactly what world pulse is about.
I know of another sister in your country who could be glad to meet you. Let me see if I can get her profile Link for you.


Hope you are having a good weekend.
Warm regards

Conny Shamu
Jan 24
Jan 24

It's good to help one another thank you for motivating them
Together we are strong.

Felicitas Wung
Jan 24
Jan 24

He'll Lizie.
You are welcome to world pulse. I've read through your first story in response to "moments of hope". It's a powerful one. Let's stand together and always support one another.
Thank you.

Jill Langhus
Jan 25
Jan 25

Hi Lizie,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your first, inspirational post. I'm looking forward to hearing more about you, what you're passionate about, and what your goals are.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Hello, Lizie,

Welcome to World Pulse! It's so great to know that another voice from Kenya is rising up!

You are a compassionate woman for being observant of the sufferings around you. I am glad you have a positive outlook on life. Yes, we do need to find hope. That's one thing we need to keep it going.

I'm curious how did you learn about World Pulse. Please continue to write your stories. I hope you form meaningful connections with our sisters here. Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!