In My Faith

Posted November 19, 2019 from Nigeria

In him alone my hope is found he is my light my strength my song. The whole world can be against me,everyone can turn their backs against me,they can and may all forget I exist in this place alone am who I am,am loved and forgiven,am welcome, and reassured of all I've ever desired or dreamt of. When I fill like giving up I hear his voice call me back,I feel the air of his breath blow over me and tells me am right here with you,just carry on. Its where am not perfect yet accepted as I am,when I fall and fail am lifted. This is where I run to always.  IN CHRIST ALONE.

This story was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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Jill Langhus
Nov 20
Nov 20

Hi Lizzy,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring post. I'm glad that religion helps you to feel love, accepted and supported. Everyone needs a support system.

Hello, dear Lizzy,

It's nice to know that you have found hope, light, strength in Christ alone. I actually like the two version of the song In Christ Alone. It's my life's theme song.

Thanks for sharing this, sis!

Anita Shrestha
Nov 22
Nov 22

Dear Sis
Thank you very much for shariing

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Christ alone is our source of hope.