Status of women in Egypt's new draft constitution after the revolution of January 25

lobna sedky
Posted November 7, 2012 from Egypt

The view of some scholars of the law and the Constitution

Confirmed Ambassador Mervat Tallawy president of the National Council for Women, the reasons for objection Council on the draft constitution is not to refer to the State's obligation to respect international conventions and treaties which it has ratified. Also ,restrict women's rights in Article 68 Sharia open the door to the views of scholars and schools of different, which may allows child marriage at the age of 12 years or more or less, circumcision and other harmful practices, according to the opinions of jurists and that assigned to him.

Article 68 also indicates that the state guarantees the right of inheritance for women, a right guaranteed by the law of the sky, so it must be noted criminalizing denial of women's right to heavenly inheritance as happens in some areas in Egypt such as level.

Additionally, the lack of reference to human trafficking despite that Egypt is a signatory to the international convention in this regard.

The text of Article 68 in the new Egyptian draft constitution

"The State is obliged to take all measures that reinforce women's equality with men in the fields of political and cultural life and economic, social and other fields other without prejudice to the provisions of Islamic Sharia. State provides motherhood and childhood services free of charge, and ensure women's health care, social and economic right of inheritance, and to reconcile its duties towards the family and work in the community. mandated state protection and special attention to women-headed households and divorced and widowed and other women most in need. "

Chancellor pointed Tahany El Jabali Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court that all the provisions of the Constitution affecting women, not only women's texts, so must be made women a voice in all the provisions of the Constitution, whether that affect them form directly or indirectly.

Dr. Manal Tibi said that the Constituent Assembly to the Constitution refused to discuss the status of material when dealing with the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women, and was the rationale that this could include domestic violence, which is not an offense, and the objection in the case of "the right to health" on point for the physical safety of it may include prejudice and social issues intended here, "circumcision" and that despite the fact that this article is not directly related to women.

Dr. Karima Hefnawi said Secretary General of the Socialist Party of Egypt, we do not want discrimination against women, but we want the Constitution to all Egyptians and noted that all heavenly religions, customs and traditions and international covenants emphasize equality So what is being said now of an attack on equality against Islam, and will not be correct society without men and women together , noting that all the constitutions of the world provides for the representation of women in state institutions by at least 35%.

In the opinion of personal status of women in Egypt deteriorating every day after the other and all gains and social policy, etc. which women fought for it over the years lost now in a jiffy.

Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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Pushpa Achanta
Nov 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012

Dear Lobna,

Thanks for sharing the current situation in Egypt. Unfortunately, in some countries, laws that supposedly helped women are disappearing or weakening. But we must continue demanding our rights and entitlements while fulfilling responsibilities.

Best, Pushpa

lobna sedky
Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012

Thank you for your support, I hope to put women in the world is changing for the better because we represent half of the world.

With Love, Lobna Sedky

Muhammad Shahidy
Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012

Dear Lobna Sedky,

Men believe that new laws advocating women's rights and gender equality are a threat for them. Male’s dominance over females and pernicious practices of a patriarchal society are characteristics of a radical country. Human rights, women’s rights and democracy are viewed as a threat to their dominance. They believe that democracy means enfranchising absolute freedom to women – removing Hijab, merging genders at public spheres, women travelling unaccompanied by their male relatives, freedom of marriage at their own discretion, etc. So their persistence render a slow-down or ineffectiveness in the implementation of laws.

On the other hand, states always tend to ignore international treaties protecting women's rights. In order to remain in power, they usually maintain their connection with the community and local leaders which result in survival of the wrong and devastating practices.

These are so common in fundamental, radical and traditional countries - and my country, Afghanistan, is, unfortunately, no exception.

Thanks for sharing,

lobna sedky
Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012

Thank you for your comment, I agree in most words and added it understood error of religion and freedom of the biggest causes of this problem, and in any case Egypt were not equal in the day with Afghanistan, but at this time is nearing them very In the future I expect the scenario worst of them in Egypt.

Greetings, Lobna Sedky