Index of "democracy": 336 protest to demand «Marina projection» in 48 hours

lobna sedky
Posted July 2, 2013 from Egypt

A report «democratic Index» issued by the International Developmental Center, Tuesday, that monitor the occurrence of 336 protest demonstrations within June 30, demanding to bring down the system, during the past two days, involving more than 20 million demonstrators.

The report showed that parents and citizens in cooperation with the activists and the various revolutionary forces staged 287 in protest, while output lawyers in 10 protests, in addition to 9 protests for public sector employees, and 9 other deputies of the Shura Council, and 6 of the workers, and 5 for workers the security sector, and 3 sector workers Tourism , while each of the employees participated in the medical and educational sector, judges, writers, artists, journalists, mystics, and peasants in the appearance of a single protest.

He pointed out that the Egyptians used the «all forms of protest to demand the fall of the regime, and was led by rallies where systems Demonstrators 123 march, and 68 cases demonstrated, and 59 cases to close Government Organizations, and 28 cut through, and 10 cases provide resignation, and 9 cases of civil disobedience, and 9 cases to declare the dismissal of Governors, and 9 cases to storm the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and 6 cases sit, and 4 cases of the Declaration of Independence of the cities, and 3 cases of the siege of the bodies, and 3 cases of strike action, and two mob, and Oagaftin Ahtjacetin, and one case to break into the body.

The report added: «rose up all the governorates of Egypt, where he occupied Cairo first place with 42 protest, Kaliobeya 31, Kafr El Sheikh 30, West 29, Almonofiyah 28, East 21, Dakahleya 16, Alexandria, 15, and Qena 14, Damietta 14, Lake 13, Ismailia 10, the Red Sea 8, Giza 7, South Sinai 7, Port Said 7, Suez 7, Luxor 5, Assiut 5, Minya 5, Aswan 5, Beni Suef 4, Fayoum 4, Sohag 4, North Sinai 2, and all of New Valley and Mersa Matrouh protest-only state.

The report noted «women's participation in the sit-ins demanding to bring down the system in Upper Egypt for the first time as pervaded Delta governorates different, such as the Eastern and Dakahlia and Western posts unprecedented counterpart of Egyptian women in the form reflects the awareness of the high to the Women of Egypt and the absence of any negative impact of the attempts of terrorism carried out by the system current to prevent them from participating as the most important factions in the demonstrations.

He pointed to the commitment of the demonstrators as peaceful demonstrations in all except for certain cases that occurred when demonstrators clashed with members of the Brotherhood, in the «Assiut, Beni Suef, lake, Cairo».

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