Introducing myself and my journal: Shaidi

linda Ogwell
Posted February 18, 2009 from Kenya

About Me:Shaidi means witness is swahili....I call my journal that because its where I plan to "testify" and bring out all issues affecting women around me. As a woman I have seen what war, bad governance, bad decisions, culture can do to a woman. I may not have had first hand experience but i have had first hand accounts and seen with my own eyes.

Indeed it is time for women to rise up and raise their voices. In my culture a womans voice is a powerful tool...her cry was used to announce death and her shout to announce joy! It is time for this voice to be heard across all Congo, Darfur, Somalia, Kenya , Ethipia, Uganda, Cambodia, Rio de Janeiro, China, India, USA you name it.

I am a journalist who is passionate about issues affecting women ...because everything affect women and yet very few are involved in providing solutions. I hope through this I can raise some voices and let them be heard.

Lets talk!!!!

My Passions:reading, writing, debates, dancing, cooking, environment, nature, sport

My Challenges:Bad governance in my country!!!!

My Vision for the Future:A violent-free world!!

My Areas of Expertise:writing, reading, editing

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Yvette Warren
Sep 18, 2014
Sep 18, 2014

Hello, Logwell. You are correct, "Indeed it is time for women to rise up and raise their voices." We'd love to hear from you again.

Yvette New Orleans, Louisiana, USA