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About Me

I am just a lady aged 22yr from Kenya,currently at Nairobi ,the capital city of Kenya,I was poorly raised,without a daddy,hatred from the community,family members,BT I am a strong christian,despite the many challenges have gone through in my life,I am a strong woman,BT sometimes I am carried away by emotions,anyway I know a day will come and I will be blessed forever

My Vision

To empower women ,through advice's because materially I cannot afford,so that we can have strong and respectful women in our continent s.


Being young,and aspiring to be a teacher,I can be able to reach out to many girls in school,also distributing books and also pads to them .i


Through encouraging then,if I am materially capable make sure I can give them money to start up small business..


Economic PowerEducation EqualityGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsHuman Rights for Women