Citizen Journalism

Posted May 28, 2013 from South Africa
  1. My voice is Loud, Audible, Honest, Far-reaching, Empathic.

  2. I want to become a correspondent because, I want to empower my community, especially young girls and aused or victimised women and I also want to enlighten the world at large how other people live and the kind of problems they encounter in their lives, especially issues that the Government fail to deal with. I would also be ale to ask questions that I am normally afraid to ask and write about issues that are of major importance without fear.

  3. Honest, strong, solutions based jourmalism will help my community to find solutions to the multiple problems they are facing and to enlighten them on several issues they are facing. Also to create awareness for those who are suffering. And also to be able to tell the stories of real people out the in the world.

If i were to find myself in such a situation, I would sit these girls down and explain to them that, not everything is about money, but what we need to do, is to take their plight out there to the world and find solutions to help them. i.e. they might be sex workers or homeless, giving money to them is a temporary solution, if any. But removing them from their current situation and properly rehabilitating them would be beneficial to them in the long run and then money would come at a later stage, if possible.

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