The Realities of Patriarchy:Why Judge Only Women?

Posted September 4, 2014 from Uganda

On July 31, 2014, the elders of Ethur in Abim district, Northern Uganda imposed 6-months alcohol ban on women. This was agreed upon during their meeting that was convened to discuss matters affecting social lives of the Ethur and the major topic of discussion was reckless manner in which women behaved when drunk. Indeed, this is a good practice of ensuring that communities live together in peace and harmony. But the concern here is why discuss the behavior of women only women? Don’t men also misbehave when they are drunk? This decision brings in mind many questions and unearths the cruel realities, violations and discrimination that women face in their daily lives. This is typical patriarchy at work and unfortunately, society has normalized this unfair treatment and judgment for women.

The Elders further stated that if one woman violates this ban, all the women will pay, because they failed to guide their member. And as part of the payment, woman will kill a bull for the elders, and each of the women will be required to brew a certain quantity of local beer (Kwete) for the elders.Really, this is selfishness of men and unfair treatment of women

Why should women be judged differently from men? If they must ban alcohol it should be for everyone not for just women. Where is the Gender Equality that is inscribed in our constitution, policies and other international Human Rights Instruments. In any case do these people know that such instruments exist? So where is the missing link?

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Cali gal Michelle
Sep 04, 2014
Sep 04, 2014

Loyce- Thank you for sharing this with us.... gender equality issues are like a constant pounding wave, seeminly unending. By raising our voices here we hope to create action towards ending injustice and violence. Do you have an idea or vision for an action step towards ending just inequality in your region?

We will not cease to raise our voice until all are heard. We will not cease to act until all are treated as equals.

Sep 05, 2014
Sep 05, 2014

This is interesting Loyce.

I worked in this region for almost a decade and I can understand what you are saying, Just thinking, First of all it is the women who make and sell this alcohol. Supposing this women are enlightened that they need to do other businesses other than brewing, where will the men get alcohol?

Confronting the crude decision may just fuel conflict but a systematic approach may be required to ensure that the men will eventually catch up with this so called ordinance, or bye law.

Keep us posted on what follows