Posted August 5, 2020 from Uganda

I want to thank all the women on this platform and worldwide for the support of the Black Lives Matter Campaign. I will speak for my country Uganda that all lives matter. Uganda is populated by so many ethnic groups country wide. The English Language and Religion help unite the many groups of people, who come together in the  capital city of Kampala. Having many different ethnic groups our parents train us tribalism from childhood by not allowing us associate with certain groups and it builds until the marriage stage. So many marriages have not been approved by parents because of loving someone of a different tribe. If we fellow blacks do not love each other why do we accept the whites to love us. It all starts from you. If you are segregative in tribe or religion what you are sowing is you what you will reap and the circle continues. Fellow blacks lets love our selves, lets teach our children to love across and this world will be a better place for us all to  live in.   

This story was submitted in response to Black Lives Matter.

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Aug 05
Aug 05

Thank you LSandra, for reminding us about this. I agree with you. It begins with us. When we spread love to one another, the ripple effect would more easily be felt globally.

Keep writing and winning. Yes, we can!:)

Nini Mappo
Aug 05
Aug 05

Indeed LSandra, racism and tribalism are attitudes of the heart and often instilled within the home and how we parent our children can change the tide. Thank you for pointing us to the power in that.

Hello, Sandra,

How are you doing? Each life matters. We all have the right to be here. I love this, sis, "If we fellow blacks do not love each other why do we accept the whites to love us."

So powerful. Yes, it's all starts from us. Thanks for sharing.

Please continue to write more!

Aug 08
Aug 08

Thank you for sharing Sister

Aug 23
Aug 23

Dear Lsandra,
I agree with you 100% that ALL LIVES MATTER. It all starts with us loving each other, then we can expect to be loved by others. You are also right that so many marriages have not been approved by parents and sometimes these parents do not even have valid reasons for not approving these marriages.. I personally had a very rough time with my late dad when I went home and told him I wanted to get married to a man from a tribe he least expected. Thank God for my late mom, (God bless her soul) and her friend who stood by my side and convinced dad to allow me. Dad didn't have a valid reason at all, only that he feared I was crossing boarders to a very far place and wasn't sure what would happen to me. Long story short, after mom and her friends convinced him, he allowed me and after many years of us staying together, my hubby became dad's favourite.