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Lucy Msukwa1629042214
Posted August 15, 2021
Empowering young girls
Empowering young girls (1/2)

It takes only your efforts to reach out to young girls. Spending time with vulnerable population brings hope and inspiration to others. It brings a sense of belonging. I find it as a commitment to inspire other girls in my community.

Reaching girls during adolescence is critical—decisions made and behaviors established during this period affect their horizons later in life. Adolescence for boys typically ushers increased mobility and autonomy, but for girls it often comes with increased restrictions —fewer opportunities and less freedom to exercise choice. During this formative period in their lives it is important to provide adolescent girls with the tools they need to become economically empowered young women.

On 14th July 2021 I had to spend time with young girls, age range from 11years old to 20 years  empowering them on issues concerning sexual reproductive health, Leadership and building self esteem and  psychological support...

It was amazing to hearing their stories... And we had great activities and in the end all were happy and believed in themselves that they can make it life. 

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Aug 15
Aug 15

Hello sister and welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for your powerful story. You are doing such a great work in helping our young women find their place in this world. Thank you for the visuals...everyone is so attentive and looking so good in their beautiful bright it! Certainly lives are indeed changed when we offer some hope and inspiration to our young sisters. Thank you for your dedication. It does not go unnoticed.

Much love to you.

Nini Mappo
Aug 18
Aug 18

Dear Lucy,
It is wonderful to see a generation of visionary mentors like you rising to walk alongside the next generation of leaders, to be the giants that will help them see further, and live with purpose and power.
Plus the image you share just takes me home. Thank you. You are a change maker and have set positive change in motion. A very warm welcome to the sisterhood :)