Executive Summary on the Implementation of GCCNHS ADM – OHSP

Posted May 7, 2018

Executive Summary on the Implementation of GCCNHS ADM – OHSP

Faced with the problem of high drop – out rate for three consecutive years of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School (GCCNHS) as shown below,

School Year                        Rate

2009 – 2010                      11.74%

2010 – 2011                      11.21%

2011 – 2012                       8.58%


the figures above caught the attention of the authorities for the reason that the these are greater compared to other schools not only in the city but to other Divisions in the region and the entire nation as well. Hence, it is high time for the DepEd Order 46, series of 2006 to implement the Open High School Program (OHSP) to be adopted in the Division of Gingoog City.

 Eight teachers together with Mrs. Nilda Villegas the Alternative Delivery Mode – Open High School Program (ADM – OHSP) Coordinator of the Division of Gingoog City were sent to the pioneering Seminar – Workshop on Learning at a Distance at Cabu-an, Mambajao, Camiguin on May 6 – 9, 2012. The said seminar equipped the participants in their vital role in addressing their clientele’s need of continuing their education thru the program. Capability building seminar was held to further reinforce and establish among teacher participant in their delivery of the lessons. Besides, it is a requirement in the implementation of the ADM – OHSP. On the other hand, the GCCNHS Parents Teachers Association, Inc., confirmed their support during the board meeting in May 10, 2012 with the approval of resolution No. 7-S2012, earnestly requesting the Honorable  Division Superintendent Domingo V. Samson, CESO V, to open the Open High School Program to cater students at risks of dropping out. With such activities done, the ADM – OHSP is finally implemented in GCCNHS, with the following objectives:

The GCCNHS  OHSP will seek to attain the following objectives:

  1. Provides opportunity to all high school drop – outs and successful examinees of the PEPT to complete secondary education.
  2. Prevents potential school leavers and encourages those who are out of school to finish secondary education.
  3. Reduces high school drop outs and increases participation rate.
  4. Increases achievement rate through quality distance education.

             The students’ academic learning and development is done by the collaborative efforts of the Gingoog City Division administration and staff, the GCCNHS  administration and staff,  and GCCNHS PTA, particularly the sixteen GCCNHS teachers dedicated and effective facilitators of the program who are granted service credits for the job. 

Classes are conducted on saturdays where the students will take two subjects. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon as scheduled. Since there are no available classrooms for the OHSP students, classes are executed in the regular high school classrooms where most of them are the advisory classrooms of the facilitators. The OHSP students share not only the classrooms with the regular high school but also other learning facilities, materials and equipment. They also benefit the services extended by GCCNHS to regular high school like the use of comfort rooms, computer rooms and the school canteen.

Production of learning modules and other learning materials is granted by the school MOOE and SBM fund. For the last three years, the learners were the ones to spend in the photocopy of learning modules while this school year the students are distributed the learning modules of the regular high school in the K – 12 curriculum.

            For four years of implementation classes are monitored. It has been found out that the enrolment is increasing and students are actively participating is all school activities. It also has catered students at risk of dropping out (SARDO).

            Of the problems encountered by the program, the number of students promoted and the students’ full access to school facilities and equipment took the lead.

             The implementation of OHSP is sustained by continuous monitoring and information dissemination through radio broadcasting in order to reach out to farther places within our city and the nearby towns and provinces around Misamis Oriental, and with the budget allocation from the school MOOE, the PTA and the School Based Management (SBM) grants through the kindness of Mrs. Nilda Villegas the Division ADM Coordinator and Mr. Mario Endrina, the Division SBM Coordinator.

The community was grateful and even proud that GCCNHS, together with other schools in the province has finally offered the ADM – OHSP to those deserving and interested students, who wish to pursue their studies thru the program. Stakeholders from different areas of the city showed their support to the program as they could see the positive responses of the students who were then very optimistic to finally finish their course in the future to come.

Prepared by:

                        LUDITA S. ALJAS

                        OHSP School Coordinator

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