Posted May 8, 2018

In response to school memo No. 12 s. 2018, the Sub-Group Heads of the Senior High School level held its meeting on the plan for graduation activities last February 7, 2018 at the SHS Sub-Group Heads Office at 2:00 in the afternoon.

It started with the checking of attendance where seven of the subgroup heads were present and only one is absent, the OIC for the month Mrs. Ludita S. Aljas then, declared a quorum.

            The group then organized committees for the following:

  1. Committee on Program and Preparation

Chairman: Mrs. Maria Lita D. Montalban

Members: Recognition: Mrs Fritzie Puray and Mr. Jay Michael Calipusan

Graduation: Mr. Julius Baldelovar and Mr. Eric John Brandino

Intermission during Recognition: Mr. Sukarno Durado

EMCEE: Recognition: Mr. Jayson Digamon and Mrs. Joan Acero

Graduation: Mr. Bayucot and Miss Jenifer Abad

  1. Committee on List of Graduating Students

Chairman: Mrs. Connie Obedencio

Members: Mrs. Roxanne Montojo and Grade 12 advisers

  1. Evaluation Committee on Students’ Grades

Chairman: Mrs. Loreta Desalisa

Members: Mrs. Ludita S. Aljas and Dr. Elena Orcales

  1. Committee on Stage Decoration

Chairman: Mr. Marvin Acero

Members: Mrs. Joan Acero, Mrs. Liezel Caermare, and Miss Christine Pearl Maestrado

Table Skirting

Chairman: Mrs. Elizabeth Oloresisimo

Members: Mrs Flor Salugsugan and Mrs. Floramie Gozon

  1. Committee on Editing and Speeches of Students and Messages of Officials

Chairman: Mr. Jayson Digamon

Members: Miss Maestrado

  1. Committee on Awards (Medals, trophies, certificates)

Graduation: Chairman: Mrs. Hazel R. Balan

Members: Mrs. Liezel Caermare and Mrs. Dahlia Maputol

Recognition: Chairman: Mrs. Ludita S. Aljas/Dr. Elena Orcales

Members: Miss Chiara Apolinar and Miss Millen Joyce Torres

  1. Committee on Communication/Invitation

Chairman: Mr. Chalstan Cervantes

Members: Mr. Oleric Jun Macalam and Mrs. Chavez

  1. Managing Committee (including transportation to and fro)

Chairman: Mrs. Ludivina Cero

Members: Mr. Julius Baldelovar, Mrs. Dahlia Maputol and Grade 12 class advisers

  1. Committee on Graduation Practice and Peace and Order

Chairman: Mr. Rogemer Castaños

Members: Mr. Brian Magan, Mr. Sofio Camasin, and Mr. Segundo Tangara

  1. Committee on Work Immersion Grades

Chairman: Mr. Chalstan Cervantes

Members: Mr. Oleric Jun Macalam

  1. Committee on Songs for Graduation

Chairman: Mr. Chalstan Cervantes

Members: Mrs. Fritzie Puray, Mr. Jovern Rojas and Mrs. Dahlia Griffit

  1. Committee on Encoding for Year Book/Magazine Preparation/Picture taking:

Chairman: Mr. Eric John Brandino

Members: Mr. Joel Paulma and Miss Christine Pearl Maestrado

  1. Committee on assignmet of ushers and usherettes, ribbons/corsage/garland

Chairman: Mrs. Elizabeth Oloresisimo

Members: Miss Millen Joyce Torres, Miss Apolinar, Mrs. Leocel Chavez and Mrs. Maria Charmaine Villarampa

Having organized committees the group wanted to clarify the guidelines on determining honor students and awardees, and identify student/s who will give the valedictory address. The group suggested that deliberation of honors be conducted on March 22, 2018. Barong tagalog is the suggested attire on graduation day.

Afterwhich, the group discussed on the recollection for grade 12 students and agreed that Miss Carmencita Pintac, the chairman, scheduled a follow-up meeting on February 14, 2018 to finalize its conduct.

The meeting ended and adjourned at 4:45 in the afternoon.

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Prepared by:

                        LUDITA S. ALJAS

                     Sub-group Head (TVL)


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