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I am very passioned for rural women and girls who are culturally repressed and are the real excluded and marginalised catergory in society. They are the shuck absorbers of: their husbands and children when there is no food to eat although they hardly have access to land, when children fail inschool or are unsuccessfull in life. I am a rural sociologist by training and wrote out this 500 word essay for an entry some where, hope you enjoy it.
What would happen if one day, half the world’s population, the women of our world, rose up and had their vital voices heard?

If one day, half of the world’s population, the women of our world rose up and had their voices heard, our world would be at a promising stage to:
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
The “other” knowledge which has long been absent in development strategies would complement the dominant yet “limping” Knowledge thus, eliminating this coincidence in which poverty is more prevalent in continents where either women or their Knowledge is oppressed. Globally, women are more than men in the population but their realities and experiences are underrepresented at community, national, regional and global levels. Ah, but they are good cooks, care givers and child bearers, good talkers, of what significance are they?
Oh but: food sustains live and work, care maintains emotions and productive output, child bearing ensures continuity of Humanity and talking initiate dialogue and participation in peace building and conflict resolution.
So if one day, these vital voices are heard, women’s political participation and representation would increase significantly. Consequently, women especially those in parliaments will enhance a scenario for women to take decisions about issues affecting them, their households and society. Structural and institutional constraints against women’s contribution to national economic growth will significantly reduce. Then:
Rural women who are not only oppressed but in most cases are food producers will no longer suffer discrimination of access to land. This would increase their access as well as food production. Hunger may become history and their incomes will increase significantly.
They will understand the value of child education especially in rural areas. Both boys and girls will not only be enrolled in school but would effectively attain school with proper feeding and psycho-social support till full functional citizens.
Women’s self esteem will be boosted and a sense of civic agency will be generated leading to improvement in the quality and quantity of work force available to society.

They will understand nutritional, sanitation and medical requirements of children below five years. This will reduce the rate of child mortality either due to malnutrition, or unhygienic infantile related illnesses.
Women nutritional patterns and prenatal care would improve. Intra household consumption inequalities leading to anaemic pregnant women and children born with low birth weight may reduce.
Women and girls who are subject to men’s infidelity especially in the African context in the name of protecting a future marriage or fear of divorce will be free from vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and other STI’s.
As cooks, fuel wood gatherers, home water managers, they may contribute to adopting environmental friendly consumption patterns for their households while helping to achieve environmental sustainability.
Considered good talkers and child bearers, they would contribute in global peace talks, combat child soldiers, persuade for non civilian bloodshed conflicts and care for war orphans in extreme cases.

educating rural women and girls of their basic rights of dignity Structural stiffness and negligence Rural Development, Human resource Management(Leadership), and Ethnographic research.

My Vision

A cameroon where rural women and girls would not be beaten messlessly at the expense of their health.