Tears of the Orphan

Posted September 22, 2021 from Kenya
An Orphans cry....
After the death of parents, many relatives just come to see what was left behind. Immediately after the burial, they share the loot not caring about the children left behind. There is a lot of heartbreaking stories out here...what is yours?

One by one they left,

All heading to the west,

The women silently wept,

Wondering what is Best,

For the poor orphaned Elliot.


The Uncles took the Best,

The parents had ever kept,

The house and the Boat,

Even the fishing Bait,

What will the poor child Eat?


Where will she stay?

Where will she lay?

No one wants to take her away

She is a curse Okay,

She is still a child anyway.


She hasn't  hurt anyone,

She cannot fight for herself even once,

All she wants is peace,

And a little providence,

That all of you can't promise,


Salut to all that care,

To make it fair,

Keep your intentions pure,

You remain very dear,

To the poor orphaned heir.




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Sep 22
Sep 22

Beautiful words recognising a very important issue. Thanks for sharing Lumonya! Please keep writing and sharing your perspectives in this space. We need more voices like yours to speak up through the arts!

Love & light

Tamarack Verrall
Sep 24
Sep 24

Dear Lumonya,
You are a powerful poet. Illuminating the ways that people have lost their humanity Is how we can become aware and raise our voices collectively. What tragedy that adults put "things" before children, and all too often women weeping and girls especially left to fend for themselves. Keep raising your voice, sister!

Sep 24
Sep 24

Hello dear and thank you for this lovely poem. You are truly blessed with talent. Of course I have read it and got the direct message. I read it a second time to look for the "secret message". That's the thing about poetry, right? ha ha. There's always a unique message for everyone. I really enjoyed this piece. Please do write some more!

Sep 24
Sep 24

It takes courage to speak and write the truth...It is so sad that so often it is the children who suffer so much when parents die or even when they divorce. When we keep this message out front and not hidden, there is more hope for change and a focus on what is most important--the children who have lost so much and are truly feeling lost and forgotten! Your poem is powerful and I hope you will keep sharing your message on World Pulse because we are "listening"!

Sep 26
Sep 26

Hermoso lo que escribes muy valioso para nosotras encontrar personas como usted, tus historias son muy inspiradoras

Beth Lacey
Sep 28
Sep 28

As Tam says, this is very powerful. And so very sad and tragic