Initiative Update

Photography training for teenage girls in Mathare

Lydia Kibandi
Posted August 6, 2020 from Kenya

The Kenya school calendar has suffered a great deal under the Covid-19 pandemic, many students being forced to defer their dreams and aspiration for a new phase into the following year. As a result may have turned to destructive behaviors that have led some to early pregnancies and trouble with the government especially in low income settlements.

It is with this in mind that we are so excited to be partnering with Safe spaces, an organization that specializes in empowering young girls and women to offer in depth photography training that will not only keep them occupied while they wait for schools to pen next year, but that will start to nature most in what could potentially be a career path they choose.

I look forward to sharing more updates about these wonderful young ladies that I have made an acquaintance with. Here are some pictures from our session.


How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Aug 06
Aug 06

Hello Beautiful,
How are you doing?
Trust you are good. ?
Thank you for sharing .

Hello, Lydia,

Wow! Photography. How creative! Kudos to you and your team for coming up with this idea.

Looking forward to reading your updates!

Jill Langhus
Aug 07
Aug 07

Hi Lydia,

What a great, creative initiative. How many girls person quarter, or session, do you train? I would love to see some of the photos that are taken. Good luck with your initiative!

Ellie E.
Aug 07
Aug 07

Thank you for sharing, this sounds amazing!

Beth Lacey
Aug 20
Aug 20

This is such a great initiative. Not only will these girls learn a new skill, it can be an outlet for their expressions

Veronica Ngum Ndi
Aug 29
Aug 29

Hi Lydia
How are you doing dear. This is awesome, teaching marginalized girls and women in a specific digital domain as photography. I am a woman with disability and love to see marginalized girls and women exceptionally empowered. Kudos and I love to read more from you
In Sisterhood
Veronica Ngum

Sep 18
Sep 18

Hello Lydia,

What you are doing for marginalized girls and women in Kenya is innovative and excellent. I am hopeful that you will discover many with talent and that their camera will become not only a source of inspiration but also a source of income.
My wish for you is to expand this initiative beyond Mathare and to other parts of rural Kenya.

I want to applaud you for this initiative and look forward to receiving magnificent photos from the young girls and women.
More power to you.

Sep 18
Sep 18

Wonderful initiative!
What you are doing is innovative and creative and I have no doubt that through this exercise you will discover talent that you will develop and put to good use.
The camera can become an important source of revenue for girls and young women with talent.
I encourage to extend this initiative not only to Mathare but to other parts of Kenya. I look forward to seeing magnificent photos from your group. Keep it up.

Sep 22
Sep 22

Hello dear,
congratulation, how I wish I was given such an opportunity to learn photography.

Sep 27
Sep 27

Wahoo Lydia!
Keep empowering, can't wait to read the updates.