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About Me

I am so excited to have discovered World Pulse and PulseWire. I have so much energy, passion and vision for unleashing women's true pure power, and know that we are the growing wave that is changing the world. It is what I do through my coaching and training. It is wonderful to have found a way to connect so easily with so many women and to be able to hear their stories.

What many women are experiencing across the globe is totally shocking and beyond imagining for most of us in 'developed' countries. But so many women are not victims despite what they are suffering - they are brilliant, powerful voices for real change. I know that I will learn so much and my life will be enriched by this opportunity to connect with such amazing women ... thank you.

LIFE! Learning to stay in the highest energies no matter what is happening Visionary coaching, seeing brilliance, connecting

My Vision

A world where all people recognise and fully express their uniqueness and share their brilliance