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Madhuri Deshkar
Posted September 25, 2021 from India

The whole covid period was bad for everyone and worst for small business men. For them it was the most helpless situation for the first time. For them it was very hard to survive as they were unable to earn n make their family fulfill their daily needs. It was so bad to see them in that conditions .

So now we have started a one time meal program with the help of government. We provide a whole one time meal for free to the poor and needy people. The people at the worst condition comes to our place and fullfil their  stomach. Sometimes some good hearts do donate us something. We are serving 3000 people per month.

But the problem is not finished yet because nothing is fully opened and still some people are unable to earn.

But still we thank government for their support and also thank the people who donate us something for needy people..

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Sep 25
Sep 25

Hello sister. Thank you for this story and for this visuals. My heart is happy to see that people are looking out for each other and on the other end my heart is sore for these grown men who stands in line, famished, exhausted, having mixed emotions, not knowing how and when this will all end. They have been robbed of their pride to be able to work and earn for their families. Beautiful work my dear sister - thank you for extending a hand of relief. May God bless you and everyone who has been assisting. Much love to you.

Paulina Nayra
Oct 02
Oct 02

Wow that's a remarkable job Madhuri. The right to food is a basic human right and by fulfilling it, you are also protecting life. May you be blessed with more resources to be able to provide food for everyone in need. Namaste.