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About Me

I a special degree holder of Mass Communication from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka work as a freelance journalist in the paper "Daily News" in Sri Lanka , a volunteer writer of Youth Leader online Magazine, translator and a filmmaker. Always I want to address women's issues in my country.

I directed my first film addressing the "women's post war psychological trauma" related to my country Sri Lanka. I want to make them strong and become a part of the society. And also my first translated novel I published regarding a story of a girl who was in slave and how she escaped. Recently I did two researches which are "Women's use of Meida (in my country) and "Influence of Advertisements on Women" and I could find many things like the use of media by rural women is low because of poverty, ignorance and male dominance in use of media.

And also I'm interested in and working for sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism which are necessary for the world which is in danger.

I want to be a voice of women of my country and also of NATURE. I know I have the responsibility as journalist to speak for them. Then one day all will speak for others and the whole world will have to listen us !!!!!
Writing, filmmaking Providing ICT knowledge for the rural women in my country; Sri Lanka (If you are engaged with such projects please be kind enough to share your experience with me)To be a top women journalist and a filmmaker in the world journalism, translation, filmmaking, new media, presenting

My Vision

Be a partner of sustainable media