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Women on T.E.C.H (Teach. Empowers. Changemaker. Hope.)

Posted August 7, 2020 from Philippines

World Pulse Philippines was organized last November 21, 2020, and had our first launched of Meet & Greet Online last March 1, welcoming the members of World Pulse over a Facebook online community together with our elevator pitch  (a great work together by World Pulse Ambassadors and Encouragers of World Pulse PH).

We also had our World Pulse PH “Kapehan” Meetups ( and Meet & Greet Online Part 2 welcoming our World Pulse Sisters globally

This is our way to LINK with women who want to be heard and make an impact through the power of her story in line with empowered women highlighting World Pulse PH Advocacy on Special Needs, Mental Health and Disasters in the Philippines.

Along with this, we have also launched a Support Group for Filipino Mommies raising children with special needs. We believe that we don’t need to go through life alone. Our Mommy’s who are called to be in these “special needs” should have a support group. In this support group, we have reach 27 members and counting (

Our World Pulse PH “Kapehan” was successfully conducted in Quezon City, Cebu, and General Santos.

The launching of the World Pulse PH Facebook group had reach 211 members, with 11 new World Pulse members, while World Pulse PH PAGE had 433 followers, 82% post engagements, with 357 likes.

Our Meet-Ups gained new sisters/friends and events. Read a story about Meet Ups from PRAM and KAREN QUIÑONES-AXALAN An invitation from BLANCHE YAMBA-CORDERO, KAREN QUIÑONES-AXALAN, AKSHAYA9 about the events.

In the coming months, World Pulse PH will be engaging more webinar events as we have stirred up the idea of creating a campaign online reaching every woman globally with our advocacies either online or offline.

World Pulse Philippines' objectives are to L.E.A.D.

L - LINK with women who want to be heard and make an impact through the power of her story.

E - Encourage women to be part of a worldwide sisterhood where we can speak and lift each other through the World Pulse platform.

A - Advocate individual's aspirations by collaboration to benefits children, young girls, and women in our community.

D - Develop World Pulse PH Sisterhood through active participation as an encourager, share stories, join meet-ups and support any campaign online or offline.

In order for us to continually meet our set objectives, we need to engage other women to share their advocacy so that each can learn from each other.

The technology is widely used as a tool to learn and to connect and by sustaining what has started, we should have the following:

Reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat and webinars account.

Collective participation of women who are interested to share their advocacy online or offline.

Creative common ideas on sharing knowledge to capacitate every individual

This webinar goes Livestream via Facebook live had reached not only in the Philippines but also in other countries, eighteen (18) webinars shared by L.E.A.D. speaker which were viewed and brought interest to many was a success.

It connects women by encouraging them to share their stories and advocacy online. Through this online webinar, a barrier has been break because it is showing us that there are women who have more to tell, women can express, women can connect and women can build a movement on breaking the silence by one click, one comment, one connection at a time.

The realization of this webinar brought T.E.C.H. together with World Pulse PH Sisters:  

T - Teaches us to read and learn how to use digital tools available online.

E - Empowers women in my community that they can not only write, but also tell their stories online. Most of the time we watch other people's stories, but this time we tell our story. A story that inspires and empowers women.

C - Changemaker, is how this technology brings us together. We gather knowledge and resources to make a change. The women of today can use technology by pooling of talents and skills. This we create a difference. Women can share their experienced, can share their advocacy and share her interest that everyone can learn from each other.

H - Hope. There is hope for every woman that when they can access the internet and start building one voice than those who are deprived, abuse, experienced injustice can be heard and receive support through encouragement and create awareness. This deliberately creates a revolution of oneness.

The use of technology brings inspiration and encourage women online that they can learn and engage because I believe that we have the power to connect online or offline, we only need a door of opportunity and sisterhood that can lead to a greater impact.

Let me share to you a few comments from the online community via zoom and Facebook comments during our webinar:

Special treat this week to have been able to drop and spend time with you all. You tech wizards inspire me to learn more! –Tamarack Verall-

“Thanks so much Karen. It would have been great if a greater audience could benefit from this. Thanks to the rest of the team for making this session work” -Nangkeng Ndungla-

“Power!!! Uplift every woman, every girl!!! We are stronger when we are together” – Ava Canaso-

“Women. Yes. We are so vulnerable! Thanks for this video” – Stella Akinmolayan-

“Go World Pulse Philippines! We love you” – Jensine Larsen-

“Sure I am inspired and got good ideas” -Fidelis Karanja-

“What a wonderful Meet and Greet this morning (for me) and i feel your presentation was very well articulated, clear, simply laid out. thank you. -Rahmana Karuna- “

Congratulations dearest’s empowered Sisters! So proud of you” Angel Lasona

This is in collaboration with World Pulse PH Ambassadors, Encouragers and members: Karen Quiñones-Axalan coolasas Akshaya9 Myra Tambor Blanche Yamba-Cordero Paulina Nayra Angel Lasona Momie Josie pram Shirley Kimmayong YLLANG Montenegro

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How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Angel Lasona
Aug 07
Aug 07

Wow, thank you our dearest Mae Ann, we're equally so proud of having a dedicated and selfless Ambassador in you. This pandemic thing didn't hinder a bit in slowing down part of our mission which is to lift women up. ❤️
And the series of webinars that you spearheaded and was carried out by our most efficient World Pulse siblings were very enlightening at the same time empowering too. Be assured that we are always with you evert step of our World Pulse journey. Excellent job dear!
Warm hugs. ❤️❤️❤️

Aug 09
Aug 09

Teacher Angel thank you :) Worls Pulse PH is a team effort and team work of us. Hope to have a webinar again this coming months with you.

Jill Langhus
Aug 08
Aug 08

Hello Mae Ann,

How are you doing? Everything lining up for your move?!

Congrats on becoming a Featured Changemaker and for all that you do, too!

Aug 09
Aug 09

Hi Jill, thank you for being a part of it :)

Jill Langhus
Aug 10
Aug 10

You're welcome!

Aug 08
Aug 08

Thank you for sharing.

Aug 09
Aug 09

Youre welcome

Tamarack Verrall
Aug 08
Aug 08

Dear Maeann,
I have been so inspired by witnessing the coming together of World Pulse PH sisters, from photos of you standing together with your World Pulse Ambassador shirts, to the actions you have been taking together in your communities, and with the amazing outreach to us all through the online video meetings you set up together. You continue to show us all what is possible!
Much love,

Aug 09
Aug 09

Hi Tam, thank you for the support... It's been a wonderful initiative and I hope to share the webinar's topic because it is really brought impact not only to me but to the one who watched it.

Hello, Mae Ann,

Congratulations on being a Featured Changemaker! Kudos to you and the World Pulse Philippines Ambassadors for the growing presence of World Pulse on Facebook. I hope we can read their stories here on the World Pulse site soon. Great job, Mae Ann and World Pulse Philippines!

Aug 14
Aug 14

Thank you for the warm support and encouragement Karen :)

Naman! You're welcome, sis!