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World Pulse PH Celebrates its 1st Year Anniversary

Posted January 12, 2021 from Philippines
World Pulse PH 1st Year Anniversary

Last November 2020, was World Pulse PH 1st year anniversary.  As part of celebration, we encourage World Pulse PH to join our celebration by posting their stories on World Pulse Platform.  Each stories will be an entry for a "Post your Story" contest.  Two winners will be selected to receive a reward. 

There were five stories were selected posted from October to December.  Read all entries below: 

Entry 1. Sharing my COVID-19 Experience -

Entry 2. Pascovid -

Entry 3. What Lessons Have You Learned During This Pandemic -

Entry 4. I’m Blocked to Share My Stories in Facebook -

Entry 5. Never Lose Sight of God's Glory -

We also gave an e-book courtesy by Karen Axalan, for those who shared their stories on World Pulse platform from October to December 2020, as our way to welcome new members as part of the celebration.

We celebrate and acknowledge all stories shared.  We give our big thank you to our Digital Ambassadors, who have given their time to judge: Paulina Nayra and Blanche Yamba.

The winners received Five Hundred Pesos each.  Thank you for our sponsors: Paulina Nayra and Karen Axalan.

Our winners and Congratulations to....

"Sharing my story in World Pulse is a stepping stone in opening some glimpse of my life; to tell something, to enhance a certain skill, to inspire and give hope.Thank you for I am part of this community. There were people I didn’t know and meet personally but I was able to touch their lives which I didn’t expect.Writing my COVID-19 experience is somehow something I've doubted to share but I know that I am not alone in that journey.After writing my story, lots of World Pulse sisters send their love and messages. I was happy because when they read it means they are eager to listen." - Maria Ligaya-


Before writing the story, u chose the topic that is timely and relevant to everyone, which is the pandemic. I told to myself that no matter what may happens, I will give my very best in writing this article. After several nights of staying up late and the unending scratch papers I have made, I was able to finalise the story on the eve of December 24. As I posted the article, I felt pretty glad that I was able to share my thoughts about the pandemic. The feeling of relief that is finished. And now that it is accomplished... I can sleep wellI praise and thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity. All we need to do is to trust Him. When you do something, you have to enjoy it, you have to love what you do. There must be a passion in what you do" - Rojeane Jimenez

We also recognize our World Pulse Moderator for 1 year for their contributions and support to our Facebook group: ANGEL LASONA and Patrica Ramota. 

Today we announce our new World Pulse PH Moderator (volunteer) who will contribute her skills and gain new friends/sisters and learn with World Pulse community, Rojeane Jimenez.

Congratulations for another year of being World Pulse Digital Ambassadors: Blanche Yamba-Cordero, Akshaya9 - Jackie, Paulina Nayra and Karen Quiñones-Axalan.

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Jill Langhus
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hi Mae Ann,

How are you? Thanks for your update. Good luck with your contest.

Jan 15
Jan 15

Thank you Jill :)

Jill Langhus
Jan 15
Jan 15

You're welcome! Have a great weekend.

Beth Lacey
Jan 14
Jan 14

Congratulations to World Pulse PH! I hope you had a great celebration

Jan 15
Jan 15

Thank you Beth :)

Wow, congratulations, Mae Ann and World Pulse Philippines for reaching the first-year milestone! Congratulations, too, on the winners of the Story Awards!

Hahaha. Akala ko secreto lang ang sponsorship. You're welcome, Mae Ann. Whatever I can do to help basta kaya. God bless you! Cheers for more years to come!

Jan 18
Jan 18

Thank you Karen, our Encourager and Advisor. Akala ko din secret eh hahah pero dapat talaga pasalamatan namin ang sponsor :)

You're welcome, Mae Ann. Hahaha. Nakokohiya.Haha.

Hello Maeann.

This post is gold dust!

Thank you for sharing all those links.

I hope to read them all.

Love, peace and blessings