An attitude of Listening

Posted September 27, 2017 from Philippines
I listen

I am like a child who sits in His lap, waiting for his stories to tell. Asking eagerly, what’s next Lord, then what happened? But as I grow up, every day, I am little by little walking away from him until I could no longer hear His stories. How sad that I’ve let this happened. I used to be His favorites. Good thing, he pulled me from far and let sit beside him. He’s waiting for me to sit on his lap. He misses me so much. But I couldn’t. I’m shy, afraid and hesitant. How could I face him, I was bombarded by vain, erroneous, ungodly voices filling the world around me.

But still, he patiently waited for me… seated again on His lap and listened to Him wholeheartedly. He forgives me.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know” a passage is taken from Jeremiah 33:3. That words reminded me of His presence.

Many people fail to hear what He is saying, and I am one of them. Despite the wonderful things He had provided with my life there is still uncertainty, doubting and fear. Maybe, He knows what I feel before. He knows exactly where I am now in my journey and precisely He really got my attention.

I believe this is not a coincidence, it is His plan. He had spoken words through someone else. I just have to attune to His voice that I hear, as soon as He speaks to me. He got my attention and that is to know more of Him and to listen, not simply to hear, but to obey.

I hold still with Him knowing that He expanded my territory. The new responsibility He gave me in my work is a huge challenge. I depend on my life to Him and that’s why I affirmed all his wonderful blessings of a fine mind, healthy body, loving family and friends and a workplace.

As a reminder, I should continue to nurture my spirituality and my relationship with God. It is my desire to be a servant thru his ministry. I will put it into practice what I’ve learned, especially dealing with individuals.

A poem I personally composed....

I woke up with uncertainty

With a restless spirit deep within

I stop and pray

Lord, are you trying to say something?

You desire an intimate bond

“I was loved”

You provide wisdom and direction

“I was guided”

You bring comfort and assurance

“I was strengthened”

Your words illuminate the deep truths of you

“Your spirit works in me”

You want me to discover more about you

“You speak to me”

I listen………

It’s not about me

It’s about you

Blessed me with an attitude of listening

I obey

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Jill Langhus
Sep 28, 2017
Sep 28, 2017

Hi Maeann. How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your story on faith. It's great that you listen to the guidance that you receive:-)

Oct 02, 2017
Oct 02, 2017

Hi Jlanghus. Thank you :) Im doing well. It feels good to have time to write again and send encouraging words to fellow empowered women

Jill Langhus
Oct 02, 2017
Oct 02, 2017

You're welcome:) Good to have you back...:)

Precious Onyeka Okoye
Sep 28, 2017
Sep 28, 2017

Great. Hello Maenn, I have learnt overtime that listening is an art, since it is easier to hear than to actually listen. Thank you for sharing your Faith story... Keep writing dear...

Oct 02, 2017
Oct 02, 2017

Hi Precious. Thank you. I believe this is one thing that we need to listen despite of everything that we hear.