A Leader with a Heart and Mind, Nomination as Ambassador Paulina Nayra

Posted December 16, 2019 from Philippines
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Paulina Nayra (right), Karen Axalan (center) and Stella Paul (left). celebrated International Women’s Day with a theme, “Conversations on Women And Change”.  (grab photo from Karen Axalan's post)

I am nominating Paulina Nayra as an Ambassador who is a mother of two and a grandmother of two female children.  She is a social development worker engaged in training and advocacy on gender and women’s issues; civil society participation in governance and community-based response to violence against women. She is also a President of WEAVERS (Women Enablers Advocates and Volunteers for Empowering and Responsive Solutions).

Her work and advocacies revolve around empowering girls, women's political and economic empowerment, environmental protection and sustainable evolution.

Her vision is a just and caring world where all women, men, and children are able to fulfill their rights and understand their dreams.

Her Abilities are to help design and deliver training on various issues on women empowerment, community resilience, gender, and development.

I first ran across her online during our Ambassador Summit for Campaign for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence.  She strongly shares about the Republic Act No. 11313, the Safe Spaces Act of 2019, otherwise known as An Act Defining Danger Based Sexual Harassment in Streets, Public Spaces, Online, Workplaces, And Educational or Training Institutions, Providing Protective Measures And Prescribing Penalties. 

Paulina continues to share World Pulse not only to other NGO but also to women bakers of Roscas.  Roscas, are local biscuits made of milk, flour, egg, lard, and anise.    She encouraged women who make this biscuits to compose their stories in their own dialect.

Paulina  has been a member of World Pulse since 2010.  On March 8,2019, she spearheaded a forum in partnership with the University of the Philippines,  Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (UP-OASH); Environmental Management Bureau - Gender and Development Focal Point System (EMB - GAD FPS); to celebrate International Women’s Day with a theme, “Conversations on Women And Change”. 

She together with Karen Axalan and Stella Paul, World Pulse Global Lead Trainer commemorate Women’s day in Tacloban.

I admire how she contributes her knowledge on laws with regard to women’s rights on Republic Act 9262 or the Violence Against Women and Children (VWAC) Act.    She knows the reason why this law passed is that women like to share their problems with one another. A problem concerning women raises issues that this eventually passes to a policy.

I am an ordinary citizen, and if I don’t recognize my rights as a woman the law will not be able to protect me.  Paulina helps me understand these laws. 

Paulina in her post stories explained also some law vividly, which sometimes hard to understand, but through her post, it is easier to understand.  An example here is the Magna Carta of Women which has specific provisions that will protect and promote the rights of Filipino girl children. 

We need a leader like her so that every woman knows the laws and how we can be protected.  She remains to connect with women not only globally, but most importantly to the women in the Philippines by her connection and knowledge and has the heart to share best practices of grassroots women that can inspire women to solve their own problems.  

Paulina Nayra https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/paulina-lawsin





This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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