A strong Woman, Nomination for Sisterhood: blanch1981

Posted December 18, 2019 from Philippines

I am nominating blanch1981 (https://www.worldpulse.com/user/9579/bio) for a Sisterhood award who is born and raised in Mindanao.

I appreciate how she openly shares her story as a strong woman who is twice widowed, an incest survivor.  She loved again and bore another kid.  She has a partner but she felt she lived like a single Mom.

She uses technology to share her story so she can connect with women, allowing pains to be healed by finding one’s voice.

She is like other women who stand for what she believes makes me inspired.  Whenever she felt of giving up, she would stand again and look further.  Though she is a victim of circumstances, she continues to lead herself to be optimistic.

Blanch1981 has been a member of World Pulse since 2011 and recently as we commemorate 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, she posts her story that she will never stop fighting.  Though she is tired, she will never give up. Her attitude has a World Pulse spirit since 2011 until now, she still has that courage to connect with women through her powerful stories.

This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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