Empowered through ART, nominate as Sisterhood Yllang Montenegro

Posted December 19, 2019 from Philippines

I nominate YLLANG Montenegro https://www.worldpulse.com/user/36458/bio for the Sisterhood award.

She works as a Makeup artist, Painter, visual artist, freelance book illustrator and also, volunteering as a President of a small community organization or peoples org. Batis AWARE (Association of Women in Action for Rights and Empowerment).  They are a group of returned migrant Filipino Women who are mostly victim-survivors of Human trafficking, slavery, and Domestic Violence.

Their mission is to expand the members, to empower women, to advocate our rights as a Woman here locally and internationally.

She sells her paintings and gives 10% of her earnings to the organization. She does exhibits with some partner organizations, do networking while selling some of their Social enterprise products like bags, accessories, and paintings.

She was grateful to be a World Pulse and honored on Advance Digital Change-making training that helps not only empower her but also empower her community.

 Yllang speaks what she believes and connects to women who are victim-survivors of Human trafficking, slavery, and domestic violence. 

She usually showed through her masterpiece of art and attended a campaign for women’s rights.

 I admire how she uses her talents in her painting because she uses it to speak up and fight. She also uses art to promote awareness and change, in empowering her community. She is an art activist because her works are entirely about women and children.  She is a painter by heart.

Whenever she has exhibits, she would invite me to view her paintings and I would love to see her and her work, but due to conflict of schedule, I’m not able to visit her.

Finally, we met last July 24, 2019, and the World Pulse Spirit ignited as we spill the beans about our common desire of writing and sharing our stories.    To support her, I bought her favorite artwork printed in the T-shirt. 

She was also kind enough to be my advisor and one of the judges for our artwork campaign contest.

During our meet up, we got some initial plans and we are looking forward to collaborating once she returns back to the Philippines.

Yllang, as I nominate her as Sisterhood , is passionate about creating a difference, a connector and speaks out for what she believes.  


This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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