A voice for a Hope: Nomination for Akshaya9 for Sisterhood

Posted December 20, 2019 from Philippines

I nominate Akshaya9 https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/akshaya9 for the Sisterhood award.

Akshaya9 felt comfort as she shares her stories, not feeling judged.  Being a member of World Pulse changed her to become brave in raising her voice. 

When she joined World Pulse that is the beginning of a feeling of “belong” as women send encouragement to her.

She uses technology and connects with women about her life experience, about smiling while in pain.    Divvying up a very painful story is hard, but she finds the courage to tell it here on World Pulse. 

How she inspires me? She inspires me with love for her kin.  Her pain when her son taken from her is a pierce to my bone (I cannot imagine losing a member of my family). 

A circumstance sometimes makes us stop, but with the hope, we keep standing.     A mother loves her children can’t be substituted for anything. 

Her story connects to every woman who is facing different challenges in life.    I admire how she bravely raises her voice, tells her feelings and hope and showing that she is a woman needs support and encouragement as well. 

Having a World Pulse Spirit is not only making an impact on your community or reaching women about your advocacy but also lifts up women about your life story, how you see yourself as a woman and that is how I see Akshaya9. She brought encouragement to me despite the heavy pain she is feeling right now.      

This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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