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Buso Buso Elementary School
IN PHOTOS: A #WorldVision elementary school partner in Laurel, Batangas was not spared from Taal Volcano’s unrest. To date, @DepEd_PH said more than 7 Million learners from 4 regions were affected due to class suspensions. Photos by Gary Rodriguez (link:
Buso Buso Elementary School
Buso Buso Elementary School: Remembering our last visit with our project partner in Laurel Batangas. (1/3)

The more powerful story to share is the story of different people who are willing to help in times of need.  Bringing hope and kindness without expecting back in return.  

Allow me to share a story of kindness that brings hope to those who are affected by a disaster.

On January 12, 2020, Taal Volcano, erupted.  Taal is erupting for the first time since 1977 and has sent a steam-and-ash plume to 16.8km (55,000ft), accompanied by a lot of lightning. PHIVOLCS has raised the Alert Level to 4 on a scale of 0-5. It is currently unknown whether the eruption is phreatic or phreatomagmatic. Numerous flights have been canceled and significant widespread ashfall (described as a "brownout") is causing much disruption, with power outages reported. Residents evacuate and went to different evacuation areas (read more: Read more:

"Fine ashfall can cause irritation and breathing problems especially among the elderly and children and it is particularly dangerous to our health. In addition, areas of ashfall have also experienced sulfurous smell which can also cause irritation," the agency said. (read more:

Mandatory evacuations have been enforced in communities living within the 14-kilometre radius of Taal Volcano’s crater. 11-year old Princess from Laurel, Batangas shared, “I pray that this will be over so we can go home soon.” Her family is taking refuge in a school turned evacuation center, sharing a classroom with seven other families. Princess says it’s cold in the evening, she could barely sleep. She also gets terrified with the constant jolts caused by the restless Taal” (read more  

The eruption of Taal Volcano has raised awareness and acts of kindness from different individuals, schools, families, and churches.  

 A group of  High School friends, Section Bonifacio decided to help send N95 and ordinary masks to Taal victims.  Karen Quiñones Axalan posted this in her facebook.  Our High School Batch also extends help by convening batch mates and classmates to send their cash donation to buy mask, canned goods and mineral water.  The churches from different places call each to donate Bottled Water, Groceries, towelette, usable Clothes.

The Pampanga Provincial Government sent their medical team, social workers, search & rescue personnel and equipment to help in the evacuation of residents.  

“We, Kapampangans, are paying back. Noon pong pumutok ang bulkang Pinatubo, marami po ang tumulong sa amin para iligtas kami at makabangon. Ito hong pagtulong ay pasasalamat namin (We, Kapampangans, are paying back. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the past, a lot of people came to help us. And we are returning the favoring by sending aid),” Pineda said. (read more:

An eatery in Bauan, Batangas offers free food for evacuees following the eruption of Taal Volcano.

A woman in Lemery, Batangas cancels her upcoming 75th birthday party to buy relief goods for Taal Volcano eruption evacuees. Belen Muling tapang decided to call off her grand celebration on January 24 even if everything had already been booked.  Nanay Belen even joined them on their distribution of relief goods in evacuation centers and talked to evacuees (read more:

Female inmates from Gumaca District Jail in Quezon sewed face masks by hand to donate to the families affected by the Tall volcano eruption. (read more:

PETA Asia helped the animals were left behind in Taal Island. (watch the video:

Environment officials did not just clean up the mess but decided to combine the ash with sand, cement and discarded plastic to form about 5,000 bricks per day for local building projects. (read more:

This story was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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