Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum Inspires Filipinos to Thrive

Posted January 19, 2020 from Philippines
Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum (EFF 2020)
RJ Ledesma, Founder of Mercato Centrale and Easy Franchise (1/5)

Last January 11, 2020, I had the privilege to represent Writing Hacks Academy to attend the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum 2020 (EFF) at Bayanihan Center, Pasig City.  

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum 2020 (EFF) is an event that gathers aspiring and successful business owners and freelance professionals under one roof to share knowledge, experiences, and aspirations. This helps individuals hasten the growth of their businesses and their professions. It also gives them confidence and inspiration to strive to be successful and happy in all aspects of their lives.

Participants of these events were able to understand the life of being an entrepreneur and freelancer, ready to mingle with individuals who are the game-changers in this industry and showcase their products and services to increase awareness of their brand. Twenty speakers have given 15-minute motivating talks to share their expertise (click the link to see the list of speakers http://bit.ly/2uWy3SQ)

As an aspiring freelancer and a newbie entrepreneur, this event gave me hindsight that Filipino’s are becoming enticed on the digital economy that will allure more individuals to enter this future business. 

EFF gave a remarkable onset for the first month of the year 2020, and this gives a boost for entrepreneurs who already have their own business and want to improve it. A timely event also for the individuals who are looking to start a business.

RJ Ledesma, Founder of Mercato Centrale and Easy Franchise, said, “Turn those irritations into business opportunities.”  Take an entrepreneurial mindset and see things from a new angle. The different events or challenges in life can bring business ideas. An example of this is the traffic situation in Metro Manila. Other businesses use this opportunity to deliver innovative solutions by providing food delivery, transportation service, online shopping, and others.  

RJ left these questions to ask ourselves as an entrepreneur: 

1. What problem you’re trying to solve? 

2. What is your story? 

3. What makes it unique and innovative? 

4. What is your secret sauce? What makes it meaningful and relevant? 

5. Is it disruptive and game-changing?  

These questions can help in planning to set up a business this year.

Jocs Pantastico, Founder of Olivia App, inspires me of her story example on Blackberry Mobile and Disney. Blackberry Mobile exhibited reluctance to embrace change. While Disney does not lose its relevance in the industry, they keep innovating.  

In the business world, no matter how good you are, there’s always a possibility to improve more, and if you’re not willing to change, someone will. Adapt or die.

Joyce Pring, Host and Vlogger/Podcaster/Digital Creative, gave three essential things to remember if you are a multi-passioned entrepreneur:

  1. Educate (continue learning) 
  2. Empathize (empathize with people who are in need, focus on what you can give, instead of what you can gain) 
  3. Endeavor (live life purposefully).

Prim Paypon, Founder of The Dream Project, a probono grassroots community developer, said: “Walang malasakit kapag walang masakit” (there’s no care when there’s no pain). Remember the pain in your passion! A powerful statement that left a remarkable influence that no matter how I aspire as a freelancer and entrepreneur, I should also dream of helping others to fulfill their dreams too. 

As an aspiring freelancer or newbie entrepreneur, I have to keep casting ideas out there and not give up. I will continue to learn more and improve my skills. 

I personally thank Jonah Marie Chipeco, who has allowed me to represent Writing Hacks Academy. And to my fellow Penmovers buddy Jehan Prochina, both of us courageously took photos with all the guest speakers. We had a great time, it was our first time to attend this event, and we learned a lot.


EFF is organized and presented by Manila Workshop and Taxumo.  

Manila Workshop was founded last January 2013 and produced 400 workshops and more than a dozen conferences. Backed up by 11 learning innovators, all of whom are women, they created learning events that will continuously enhance business/entrepreneurial and freelancing aspirations. Visit their website: http://manilaworkshops.com

Taxumo is a platform that automatically computes and files your tax dues for you. They believe in the importance of empowering freelancers and business owners to focus their time and energy on their business, instead of worrying about filing their taxes. Taxumo aims to create real inclusive growth, not just for the SME ecosystem, but also for the country. Visit their website: https://www.taxumo.com/

Writing Hacks Academy empowers sales professionals and online entrepreneurs to develop their writing skills through e-books, courses, and learning communities. For more info visit website: https://writinghacksacademy.com


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