Preparation and Activities for the International Women's Month this March 2020 (World Pulse Philippines)

Posted February 21, 2020 from Philippines
Meet & Greet ONLINE
A World Pulse PH MEET & GREET ONLINE over Facebook.
World Pulse PH advocacy on "Special Needs". A Support Group for Mommies who have children with "special needs"
World Pulse PH advocacy on "Special Needs". A Support Group for Mommies who have children with "special needs": Are you a Mommy dealing with Children with Special Needs? Would you like to talk about it? How about sharing your fears, your joys, your journey in dealing with them? Join our SUPPORT Group. We are building a support system, hearing each others' voices and sharing each others' lessons. (1/2)

As we gear up for the International Women’s Month 2020, we are happy to update you about how World Pulse PH is leading. 

Last February 16, I met Ate Paulina Lawsin Nayra, a World Pulse Ambassador and a Founder at Women Enablers Advocates & Volunteer for Empowering & Responsive Solutions. 

It is true, that when you meet a fellow World Pulse members, it seems like you know each other for a long time.  You can feel the World Pulse Spirit of being connected, with one goal and belief for women. I am amazed by her story during Typhoon Haiyan and how she has been leading women in Leyte.

My fellow World Pulse Ambassadors and members had several meetings online in preparation for the International Women’s Month 2020.

We set a “Meet & Greet Online” welcoming the members of World Pulse over a Facebook online community and a World Pulse PH “Kapehan” a social gathering for women sharing one’s interest.

If you are around in this place send me a message so I can link you to the person whom you can contact.

March 1, “Meet & Greet Online”

March 2, World Pulse Kapehan in Cubao

Around March 1 – 8, World Pulse Kapehan in General Santos

March 8, World Pulse Kapehan in Cebu

March 21, World Pulse Kapehan in Tacloban

This is our way to LINK with women who want to be heard and make an impact through the power of her story as we celebrate International Women’s Month 2020 in line with empowering women highlighting World Pulse Advocacy on Special Needs, Mental Health and Disasters in the Philippines.

We have launched a Support Group for Filipino Mommies raising children with special needs.  We believe that we don’t need to go through life alone.  Our Mommy’s who are called to be in these “special needs” should have a support group.  Join us

Karen Quiñones-Axalan said and I quote: “It takes a special village to raise children with special needs”

blanch1981 said and I quote:  "Every Child is Special" but if you are a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, who tends and walks with a "child with special needs" in this lifetime, you are awesome! And you're one of a kind!”

We invite Filipino Mommies to join this support group.  Share your fears, your joys, and your journey, share your stories. We listen. We feel you. And we understand you. And we want to learn from you. Because your journey is our journey, too! 

Together with World Pulse PH Mommies Karen Quiñones-Axalan, blanch1981 and Angel Lasona we will support each other for the love and care for our children with special needs.

Today, we celebrate with #PinayRiseUp women, we are 167 on our Facebook group community #LogOnPinay and counting.  Join us  

The World Pulse Philippines objectives are to L.E.A.D. #WorldPulsePH  #LogOnRiseUp #worldpulse

L - LINK with women who want to be heard and make an impact through the power of her story.

E - Encourage women to be part of a worldwide sisterhood where we can speak and lift each other through the World Pulse platform.

A - Advocate individual's aspirations by the collaboration to benefits children, young girls, and women in our community.

D - Develop World Pulse PH Sisterhood through active participation as an encourager, share stories, join meet-ups and support any campaign online or offline.


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