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Seek to empower people living with a mental illness: It help more than not

Marie Abanga
Posted March 1, 2021 from Cameroon

#sisterlove #keepingitreal  #mentalillnessawareness My sister went for her checkup at the hospital alone today. When I told her yesterday she would have to go alone, she didn't smile but knew I was serious about that. She has been to her son's and the market on her own, so she can go to the hospital too on her own ooooo. I encouraged her to tell the doctor exactly how she was feeling and gave her money to get breakfast and any meds that might be prescribed. What I know is that persons living with a mental illness or facing mental health challenges, want to be empowered and supported no matter how difficult we might sometimes come across. Everybody's pace and patience is différent don't get me wrong, but it's worth the try. I am definitely so proud of my sister. Six weeks ago I was feeling her but I didn't give up on hope. Be inspired motivated and encouraged someone ooooooo I share our journey to demystify and destigmatize mental illness and mental health challenges.#dontgiveup#thereishope#BeTheHope#mentalillnesssupport#mentalillnessrecovery#mentalhealthmatters#FOCUS2021#therapistmag

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Thank you for sharing the journey you and your sister are going through, dear Marie. Keep on going!

Marie Abanga
Mar 04
Mar 04

Dear Kaye,

Thank you so much. And in a lovely twist of events, I got
Sick and she was my caretaker some too
Mar 03
Mar 03

Dearest Marie,
I admire your strength to believe and let go. That is a strength in itself. It is difficult as a caregiver to let go of control, and allow the patient, the loved one a chance to accomplish, believe and succeed. I have a friend that keeps her daughter that is 30 years old and autistic totally dependent. And I see clear signs of her ability to be independent. My friend doesn't have the strength and has the fear of not being needed. You are amazing strong and resilient Marie. Bravo to you. Your sister will receive many benefits from your strength to hold her and to let go of her.

Marie Abanga
Mar 04
Mar 04

Dear Jo,

Thank you so much. I think being a person with her
Own lived experience of mental illness, I know some
Of the needs we might have top of which is the need to
Be independent even in the smallest of ways. I really
wish that friend of yours discernment for continuing to
Keep her adult daughter that dependent might
affect their overall relationship.
Thank you for reading, relating and commenting.