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Organizing a successful Webinar on the Human Rights Abuses of Persons with a mental health condition

Marie Abanga
Posted March 30, 2021 from Cameroon
GMHPN Africa 2nd Regional Webinar
Breaking the silence on the Human Rights Abuses of Persons with a mental health condition

Human Rights abuse of persons with a mental health condition in Africa have become a cause for great concern.

On the 29th of March we organized the a successful 2nd Webinar by the GMHPN Africa Region.

We had distinguished speakers from the WHO, Zimbabwe and South Africa (The GMHPN CEO herself), and we also had a peer from Zimbabwe share his lived experience of Human Rights Violations while they were I'll.

After an hour and a half, we all agreed we needed more of such webinars and I in my capacity as the Regional Representative Africa, promised to organize the next one for April under the theme Stigma in Mental Health.

We are committed to sharing our lived experience, learning from other experts in the field, raising awareness, sensitizing, and advocating for better Mental Health policies and measures of implementation across the continent.

You can watch the recording on the GMHPN Facebook page with this link:

or on my organization Hope for the Abused and Battered YouTube channel.

Marie Abanga 

GMHPN Cameroon

GMHPN Africa Regional Representative


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Mar 30
Mar 30

Thank you for sharing. This event is very meaningful. Human rights, mental illness are important topics. It needs to people awareness on these and improve the situation.
Please keep the great work on! Stay Safe! May Almighty God bless you all!

Marie Abanga
Apr 17
Apr 17

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so much for the appreciation and care. I will keep doing my best
God bless us all

Wow great job ma.
I know of someone who has a home with children with mental health such training can really be of great help.

Marie Abanga
Apr 17
Apr 17

Dear sis,
Thanks for your feedback.
I hope they find the help they need.
Have a great weekend