Aminata and I have each come a long way, and we are not giving up

Marie Abanga
Posted October 17, 2021 from Cameroon
Aminata & MAG
I don't know when we ate that deli breakfast ooooo
MAG: Listening to Ami with so much glee (1/4)

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I met Aminata Ba from Senegal in January 2015 when I moved into a students' flat in Brussels shared by 3 of us. I can't say exactly the mental space I was in, but I was back to taking antidepressants. when I even look at my Google photos, there is only one clear photo from January 2015 which is of me in school looking irritated someone took it to begin with. Ami and I took no picture together in the 4 months we lived together, life then was all about trying to stay alive and hustle to pay bills and eat even if once a day (I could care less tbt).

Six years later, we meet, can sit down for hours over breakfast and update each other on our milestones after a walk  in the hood, and I returned home 4+ hours later so happy for all. I listened to Ami with rapt attention, I could feel the joy in her too. She is here on a mission and is working as an expatriate in Dakar wow wow wow.

I share this to inspire, motivate and encourage.#dontgiveup #thereishope#itispossible#Angels#determination#discipline#dedication#gratefulthankfulblessed

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Oct 17
Oct 17

Hi Marie
Lovely pictures, thanks! Very inspiring story of a lasting friendship. She sounds wonderful! I am happy that you could hook up and discuss matters of life. That's all we need sometimes. Thank you sharing dear.

Much love to you.