What are you doing with that story in your mind?

Marie Abanga
Posted November 24, 2021 from Cameroon

The above question came to my mind yesterday when on checking my emails after a few days if ill-health, I saw that I had received not one but three book royalties notifications. 

My journey as an author started in 2012 when I woke up at midnight one restless day in September deciding to write my memoir. I was afraid I will loose my mind again because so many thoughts were flashing back in and I was losing so much weight too and not eating for various reasons including out of frustration at the course of my life.

In three months, writing at almost that dreaded hour each night I could, I finished the book and thought it was good for publishing. I wrote at that hour because I knew everyone will be asleep and no one will peep to see what I was writing about. I didn't know the writing bug will bit me so hard I will keep writing to this day. My 8th memoir will be published by December and I even have a "Transformation Journal to a new YOU" on the Amazon too.

I have been an avid reader from the age of 3, in a culture where reading novels was considered a 'whiteman thing'. Indeed, it was said that 'if you want to hide something from a blackman put it in a book' - I din't know if the saying still goes around but yes even my books are not as read here like out there you know. 

Yet, it was very liberating for me to put my own stories in a book, and then in another, and another and a few more including writing a poetry collection (oops reminds me to unearth the 2nd collection and publish same sometimes next year why not).

My books are part of my legacy and testament to the world that my life played out for real as told by my own self. Writing the books haven't been as daunting to me as the thought of living with my stories in my head and getting drowned by "shame, pain, guilt, embarrassment, anger, rage, desire for vengeance...". 

I wrote and still write my stories for my sons, I don't want them to be told any of it by anyone else without haven't first read it from myself. 

Imagine then that you write your stories and publish them, you get royalties, are free of so much invisible 'luggage' both past and current, and have new skills developed in the process which you could even turn into another side hustle as I plan to do? Isn't that something we can think of?

Never think you don't have a story someone will want to read, I personally would love to read any story a world pulse sister puts out there especially about their life and or other self - help experiences - I don't like reading fiction though.

I have an impressive social media presence and that's how I market and promote my books, and there is one I recommend to my therapy clients because that was the origin of my own journey to this new me (a journey they all want to take for themselves but need guidance and encouragement from someone who's been there).

I therefore want to encourage us all to use what they got, just like Moses in the Bible was asked to use what was in his hands... Do not let your story be used to taunt and haunt you, don't not let your story push you to hide and regret the life you are even still 'lucky' to have, and do not miss out on the enormous 'peace and pocket' benefits that await you when you decide to write and publish your stories. 

Finally, it is very easy to self publish yourself on the Kdp Amazon like I have been doing, and there are editors online and other professionals to help you for a moderate fee - indeed I am an editor, ghost writer and might get into agency work later on in life hahahahahaha

Here is to taking on this if you find this appealing and convicing oooooo - in the meantime I have been enjoying getting these notifications since 2013 and they motivate me to keep writing my stories.

You can go check out any of my books on the Amazon via my author page too, all but the journal are in kindle and paperback versions: https://www.amazon.com/Marie-A.-Abanga/e/B00ILM7IJK

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Nov 24
Nov 24

Hi Marie
How are you darling? Congratulations on your benefits. Nice! But also, much congrats on your work. Thank you for inspiring us and for sharing this very informative piece. It is much needed for some of us who will be embarking on other avenues. Thanks!

Marie Abanga
Nov 29
Nov 29

Dear Megs sissy of mine,

Thank you. I am more excited to have my story (stories) out in the world and don't tack the benefits which don't even come to me directly hahahahaha. I equally share so that someone is inspired, motivated and encouraged to put their unique story in a book so I can read it too. Is that you sis? Am here