Pendamic is affecting big families with low income

Mahima Rathore
Posted May 28, 2020 from India


Poor people generally have large families.Because they believe “two hands are better than one”. Poor parents see benefits in having more hands for subsistence as well as to ensure that they will have a stable support in their old age. They believe that one more person in the family will be a help in their work and family earning. What they don’t understand is  that  it will be very difficult for the family to provide them proper care food and education.we did many meetings with women to make them understand how harmful is this act for their health and for future of their children. Both mother and child Don't get proper nutrition and care. They Can't give them secure future and proper life. Some women are not aware of using  contraceptive and some are doing because their husbands and mother in-laws force them for boy child .

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Hello, Mahima,

How are you doing? It’s not easy to be poor and have a large family. We see that in our country, too. It is so difficult to address poverty due to wrong mindsets: more children, more will help financially in the future; add more child so there will be more boys; and so on.

Thank you for raising your voice on this issue. Please write more and please stay safe.

Mahima Rathore
May 29
May 29

Yes karen even i am amaze how a woman can think so. But this is male dominating society they need much courage to say no. Women are not educated and independent ..

Julie Desai
May 30
May 30

Thank you for sharing

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