Narrative Essay: He had been dirty, hungry and completely without hope. Now there was a chance of a new life.

Mahnoor Irfan
Posted April 2, 2018

Mudassir, being an extremely poor and needy boy; an orphan as well, was in search of a home, a place to live; after the flood occurrence. He had nothing at all, no family or friends except for a pair of broken sandal, a torn and dirty Salwar kameez. His eyes expressed his hopelessness and his groaning stomach determined his search for food. Wandering on the dirty, filthy and smelly narrow street, he thought of himself. Mudassir started to murmur within himself. “How do I survive when I do not have a single penny in my pocket, I don’t have a home to live, food to eat or a relative who could help me?” These questions continuously disturbed him but he was finding a shine of hope behind them.

He thought of the ways for his survival, through the process of pondering over, he was actually being motivated in a way that no one could ever imagine. He started working in a restaurant as a sweeper; earning about Rs3000 per month. Mudassir used to talk to him while cleaning and the one thing that usually popped up in his mind was;

Mudassir: I could not do anything except this disrespectful work. I am not capable of doing anything therefore I must not think of doing something great.

Mudassir’s inner voice: No man! you could at least try. Go on and do hard work and you will surely proceed.

Mudassir luckily listened to his inner voice and started to work hard. In a few months, he was made a waiter. His earning per month increased, he was respected a bit more and saw a new hope. He had been dirty, hungry and completely without hope. Now there was a chance of a new life. He bought a small apartment of the money earned from his job and started earning his living. Mudassir continued to work and found a job as a managing director in a super mart.

His condition improved and started building his own new house. He was earning enough money for his survival. Soon his house was built and he started his own buisness in it. Time never remains the same. It changes and changes may be good or bad.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 02, 2018
Apr 02, 2018

Hi Mahnoor. Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your thoughtful essay. It's very true that perception and gratitude are everything. Is this a fictional essay or non-fiction?