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About Me

I am a married mother of two (M2 as i like to call myself). I am a biotechnologist by profession and currently working as a biosafety officer. I have a passion to see women excelling in all aspects of life. I believe that more women can contribute to the field of science given the opportunity and resources and most importantly when they can freely express themselves without fear. I would also love to see women fighting gender disparities and fighting domestic violence. like the purple flower which sends a message of pride, dignity and admiration to all so it is that I wish all women we could be. Most women are trapped in abusive scenarios at political, corporate , social and even domestic levels but i hope to impact to women out there so that we may all bloom into beautiful flowers. Knowledge gathering, travelling, cooking, women rights Putting all of my ideas and thoughts to paper Science, communication

My Vision

Women who are able to make a positive difference to societies they live in.


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