Women and HIV

Posted March 5, 2012 from Zimbabwe

I have painfully realised the fact that most African women find themselves rather trapped as soon as they enter the marriage union, fortunately is is through this trap that most of them are succumbing to HIV and AIDs related issues. Why do i say so? We all know how men are rarely faithful in relationships as a result end up contracting HIV and spreading it to their wives. The most painful part is the fact that most of these women know that their husbands are going on unprotected sex sprees but can not do anything about it. One can either confront the husband, which is rarely fruitful, if not dangerous as some my find themselves being battered for knowing or confront the girlfriend which only works if the lady has some conscience in her and if the man has one girlfriend. Divorce is a complete no go area in African structures as its regarded as shameful for a woman to live as a single or to be divorced. How then do we protect ourselves from this deadly doom staring us in the face, given that suggesting use of protection in marriage is one volatile area when it comes to these African men? As women, How do we protect our health, our rights our families as the mothers of the world?

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