Posted September 22, 2017 from Nepal

A cool breeze of air touches my faces oh it feel so wounderful . I feel like I am in my home surrounded by mountain .With every breeze of air I feel my closeness to my home pinthali ,a village in sindupalachok. Suddenly a drop of dew fall from the zinc address up on the roof waking me up to the worst nightmare . I never wanna wake up from my dream to witness the worst reality of my life . Yes, I wasn't in my room neither in my village . I was far far away far from those mountain , far from those forest, far from the breeze that wakes me up and most importantly far from my mum dad and relatives .

I was a girl with little dreams , an ordinary girl . I want a good life for my parent as I was the only child they have. Being born in remotest area of Nepal my parent never desire for a son ,for them they want a child and I was a child . They love me and pamper me like every parents. My friends were so jealous of me .(suddenly a smile came followed by the darkness ) .How will they handle themselves if they knew I am here trapped in this hell .

(A knock on a door made of zinc address, the door open and a hand throw in a plate of rice and dal . A moment of silence the door closed and the room once again was filled with darkness)

It is true that the true enemy of a women is a women . It was the darkest day of my life when that women came into my house . She was fat and short. I clearly remember she wear a siffon sari in red and pair of slipper that was all dirty . I never thought her heart is more dirty than her slipper . She introduced herself as Sabin(name changed) a project manger of one a ngo . She told my parent she was from the ngo that work with an adolescent girls like me . She also told my parent that her ngo is hiring a social mobilizer for a new project . She say she heard so much about me and my parents in the village . She says she was inspire by my parent how they have stood against gender discrimination in present days.She convinced my parents to take me away from them for just one day to sign a contract . My parent were very happy for me . They alway wanted me to become a social worker who brings changes in other life but they also don't have any clue how will my life change .

(A big bang on the wall made of zinc address take me back to present . The place was trapped in was made of the zinc address. She begin to recall her memory once again.)

I was all set to ride the horses of my dream . We walked 5 hour to get a bus . Finally conductor shouted kathmandu kathmandu . We get on the bus and bus drove. The women was smiling all the way . She gave me a packet of biscuit and said "you must be hungry ,you haven't eaten for hours ,have it." I didn't think twice and have the biscuit . I feel dizzy and slowly darkness surrounded my eyes. As I open my eyes i found myself in this dark room . I called people but nobody shows up . After an hour a person dressed up in black long kuthi and jeans showed up . He told me I was being sold to him and it is my fate now . I couldn't believe that I have become one of the victim of human trafficking. I thought it was some sort of nightmare but it never end and I never wake up . I cried and cried for days . They tortured me in every single way . I was broken and shatter .

(Tears running down her cheek she fell to the ground like a dead body without soul)

How can I show my face to my parent ? How can I run their is no escape ? My parent must be really worried and searching for me everywhere . What if they find me will they understand me ? Will I have a normal life ? I feel like I will die in this hell. I don't wanna live oh god please kill me I don't wanna have this life . What have I done so wrong that I get this sort of life ? I have never hurt anyone than why all the pain for me .? I wanna die d,die,die .Please god have mercy on me and take my life away.

(Soon the silence was filled with the noises,the noise of the cry and shouting of the girls trapped in another room . As the sun set the cry and the shout of the girl begin every day . The door open and another plates of rice and dal was thrown in )

Her sorrow was seeking for death but her body wanna live .Everyday she have same conflict . A plate of rice and dal and the question of life and death . She fight within whether to have it or not . Deep down her love for her parent motivated her and she picks up the plate to eat . That day she noticed something . The colorof rice was not white rather it was yellowish .She never noticed the smell of the food . she remember how she fall asleep after having that food . Today was a day when she decide not to have that food . She hides them and empty the plates.

She acted like she sleep than suddenly the door opens and a men came in . They checked if I was asleep or not . They gave me an injection to and I fall asleep .

(A warm ray of sun wakes her up)

She wake up like she does but today she wake up with a promise a promise to herself to escape from the place . She begin to think and make plans .Suddenly a ray of hope came into her life . She saw a light that enter from a hole which was unseen to everybody and she peek to that hole . She can see the wide field .She begin to think on how to escape than she hit the broken bed and fall down there she find a knife .With that knife she made a hole bigger and bigger .Days passed and she hide the hole from the old bedsheets .She begin to act normal and begin to make the whole .Finally the day have come for her great escape.

(She stood in silence infront of the hole thinking of something)

What if I got caught?What if they found me ? They will torture me and make my life more hell. Even of I escape where will I go ?Will my parent accept me ? So many questions stopping her to move on .Suddenly a slow and witty voice from within says " Go Go run run , it your only chance . You will have to run so hard that their shadow will also not touch you . " The voice become louder and louder .She begin to run run run and run.

She was unnoticed by the people as she used to play hide and seek in the field in her village . She run run and reached at the end of a field .Between the beginning of the forest and end of the field their was a house where live an old women . She seek her help told the story and take the shelter. That night a knock on the door filled her will fear . Some people with a touch came to that house and asked for the girl . The old woman was wise and told those men that she saw the girl running away to the forest . She can't wait for the sun to rise .As the sun rise she changes her clothes and take the disguise of a old women and went to market . She contacted her parent and her parent were glad to hear about her . She get in the bus and buy a ticket from a money given by old women . It was a long journey . The bus drove taking her away from that place .

Suddenly a bus stopped at the check point . She tremble with fear . The conductor told that people from Maiti Nepal(An ngo working against human trafficking) wants to check if there are any suspicious person on the bus or not . It was like god send their angle for her she went to them and told her whole story .She was safely taken to her after a long conselling session. Her parent were happy and her fear about her parent non acceptance were all wrong .

One day , she was in her house suddenly she saws same women in coming nearer and nearer. She was all alone in house .That women acted like nothing happen and told her she misunderstood everything . She says I am her to take her back . She was unable to react everything that happen to her flash back in her eyes. She shouted with tears in her eyes and called her neighbor for help. Her neighbor rushed to her house and that women ran away . Villager chased her catch her . They informed the police and soon she was taken away by the police

Finally the nightmare ended for the 19 old girl of a sindupalchok district who was a victim of human trafficking and who manage to escape.

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Jill Langhus
Sep 23, 2017
Sep 23, 2017

Hi Mainamajhi. Did this happen to you? I'm assuming this is your story? If so, what an amazingly courageous story that you are sharing. That's awesome that your intuition was really talking to you loudly to run for safety and that you listened to it. Thanks for sharing.

Sep 23, 2017
Sep 23, 2017

I am sorry but it is not my story but it is a story of a girl whom I met during community service learning project in sindupachok. It inspired me so much that I can't stop myself from writing her story. 

Jackie Lidubwi
Sep 25, 2017
Sep 25, 2017

I have heard stories of child trafficking but not heard how terrible this vice is, my friend from India who works in a rescue center told me so many stories, its sad, like slavery, thank God the girl escaped!

Oct 08, 2017
Oct 08, 2017

Its  so unfortunate that  how  the word girl trafficking has changed to human trafficking leaving not only girl but the people of all ages , sex and class at the risk lately . The changing dimension of human trafficking has become one of the major challenge that each country is facing .