Looking back: A post I made on Facebook while in Pakistan

Posted January 12, 2017 from United States

Today I have been trying to focus more on my humanitarian work with Sister Zeph. I went to Pakistan to visit her, her students and family eight months ago. I spent almost one month there from the end of March to the end of April and made many beautiful memories. I never fully told my story yet because I think I just needed to take some time to myself before diving back into being actively an activist and humanitarian.

I admit I have been more selfish lately but I think apart of growing as a person and an activist is that we all need to learn to balance our needs with the needs of others. Anyways I will be writing more about my trip but in the mean time I found a post that I made on Facebook during my trip to Pakistan. This is a testament to how I feel about the hospitality, love and care I received from Sister Zeph and her family on my visit. Of course I had to be careful being their but I only every experienced hospitality.

April 2, 2016 at 8:05 am Gujranwala, Pakistan "You know what really is frustrating? That sister Zeph (RA) is running her organization and school off of 1MB internet There are about 5 power outages here a day but she never complains, not once NO hot water, but she never complains Only 1 light in the whole school building but no one complains No school supplies for the children because the labor here tries to screw her over so much that it's taken away from some of the funding for the children (which she has stopped employing those people by the way) Everyone sits on the floor because the building is not large enough for all the children and there are hardly any chairs or anything really.... Etc, etc, etc, .... And you know what? Through it all, these people have given me unmatched hospitality since I have been here. I have not had to do ONE thing for myself because they insist on doing everything for me. They offer me protection, they buy me food, they take me where I want to go safely and using their own cars, gas and time- they serve me food and clean up after me, they wash my clothes, their so intuitive and intelligent - they can always tell when I am not feeling well or something wrong and they want to help right away. The people here are so polite and don't ask me questions because they feel it is not polite... I have not once felt uncomfortable at all. Whenever I meet a Pakistani man he is always polite and modest although I will admit it is a part of their culture to stare regardless if you are a native or not ... But I quickly realized that it's just apart of their culture and I don't pay any attention to it and if I feel uncomfortable while I am out in public I just cover myself more .... Whenever you tell a woman here that you like something if theirs they try to give it to you ! Just be open minded and compassionate people .... Of course these people and their country have issues but so do I and we and the rest of the world - judging each other reps nothing and love and education solve everything There are extremist everywhere and of course there are those here (many many many) who are living such hard lives and there are those who don't treat their equals equally .... But I'm posting this to tell you how incredibly undeniably humble these people are .... So humble and modest and if a Pakistani welcomes you into their home they will break their own back to make you comfortable and give you everything you need .... Even if they have no money on them they won't accept what we Americans call a tip - it's actually almost an insult to try to give them money for taking care of you ...."

Malee Kenworthy

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Sister Zeph
Jan 12, 2017
Jan 12, 2017

Dear Malee

This is really a beautiful piece of writing from you and what an amazing tribute to the people of Pakistan, I am very much thankful to you for your trip for such kind words. we wish you to come again.

Jun 30, 2017
Jun 30, 2017

Wao, this is really quite informative. If the world can learn to do good deeds like these people. The world in deed will become a better place for everyone.