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Empower women to participate in the political process with me

What I'm Leading

I am impacting women of Maharashtra by motivating them to participate in political system and also by empowering them with knowledge and awareness of public offices. I work with women who have contested elections and have been elected to public office and I make them aware of their rights, duties, responsibilities and power as elected representatives. 

Who I'm Impacting

24,000 women in 161 groups across Maharashtra


About Me

I am passionate about women’s leadership and political influence. So, I train elected women officials to understand their roles. Many elected women don’t know their duties, rights, and responsibilities despite the requirement that 50% of seats in Parliament and legislative assemblies are reserved for women. I believe, with the right information, women can solve the issues that impact them, like gender-based violence and lack of electricity.

I have created manuals and training systems on the budget process, as well as a three-month village plan for elected women officials. I work with women village heads (sarpanch) and connect women’s groups to policy decision-makers. For example, I conducted a village safety audit and a study in 90 villages, where I brought the gram panchayat and police together to address issues that affect the villagers the most.

My Vision

An India where women are empowered through making equal political representation


Digital knowledge and tools, leadership Training, Funding


Community mobilising, training, conducting survey, facilitating dialogues


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