fight the culture of not Educating girls in uganda ,fight iliteracy and violance in uganda rural by Equiping them with skills

Winnie Kyewalabye
Posted September 19, 2009 from Uganda
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many parents do it under culture influance and others becuase they cant afford educating girls because families dont even earn $1 a day .many centuries some parents believed that Educating girls is wastage of money so they would rather Educate boys because they can look after them(parents) and girls were supposed to get married bring in a dowery ,to even men who are not of their choises in other words marying out of love and men take advantage of them because they cant do any thing on thier own acept producing this lead to too much violance amongest women in Uganda

There are many more other reasons why girls are not educated and to mention afew as per the statistics results many families in rural areas earn less $ 1000 dollars per year but they can afford to get food for those who can dig their food because most of them depend on farming ,culture,wars misplaced many girls became sex slaves ,HIV AIDS is also among the bigest problems that we have in uganda .

Now the government of Uganda and other N.G.O has tried to change this perception in parents and even introduced a program that is called U.P.E Uganda primary education program and i thank the president for that program ,in that even if a parent can not afford to pay school fees for a girl child the goevernment can still do it up to a primary level but still some parents dont take it as an orppotunity because of many reaseons .some becuase of the culture,ignorance not exposeed to that knowlage and many more reasons And the demand is still high the government alone can not afford doing it acept with the help of N.G.O

Mama Africa international ministries and Uganda try as much as we can to senstitize more about girl child Education mostly in rural areas and Mama africa international ministries came up with a mission of Empowering adult women with adult education programs that run only for two weeks and empowering them with self sustaining skills e.g poutery programs ,beeding,tailoring ,helth education workshops and many other program for women.

we will speak for the women and the culture will change

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Maria Cuellar
Sep 21, 2009
Sep 21, 2009

Hi Winnie!

I love what you are doing in rural Uganda. It seems like women will leave empowered from your workshops, and they will be able to become independent and self-sustaining.

Congratulations! Maria